I'm going to NY tomorrow, how much is ST oil.

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Jan 26, 2003
Can anyone help me with this?
I need a prices for the oil and filters, so I can be ready
Rick Walmart prices their quarts cheaper then their gallon sizes. You might also check out Delvac 1300 while yu are their. It is alot better oil and it is about $1 more per gallon then Walmarts brand. Pennzoil Longlife is about the same price and is also much better then Walmarts brand. The last UOA of Tech 2000 or Super Tech oil was not very impressive and the oil only had 3000 miles on it.
The only SuperTech UOA was for 5W30 and didn't really shear down a lot more than other 5W30 tests. The VOA showed modest amounts of moly. I'm going to be switching back to ST 10W30 at the next oil change and would probably have a test done on it except that the formula will probably be changing to that of Shell/Texaco-Equalon in a short time anyway. If you're looking to buy a good store brand oil at under a dollar a quart, Advance Auto Parts looks like it might be identical to Chevron/Havoline. Again, no one's run a UOA so it's just highly probable speculation at this point.
Ok so today I got 4 supertech oil filters equiv of the PF-52.
They look like decent filters for 2 dollars.
I just wish the walmart's over here sold them. Better then fram and much cheaper.

Originally posted by Rick:
Ok so today I got 4 supertech oil filters equiv of the PF-52.

Hee-hee... Perhaps you're closer to the truth than you realize. At least some U.S. AC stock is outsourced from Champion Labs - the same source of Wally*World SuperTech filters. Only the canister's paint color and applied graphic are different.
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