I'm getting a free oil change (there's a catch)

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Apr 28, 2003
Katy, Texas
So my local dealership sends me a coupon for a FREE Oil change and if I'm one of 50 people to make my appointment, I'll get a free tool set. Not a bad deal. The catch is I think they use Valvoline. I'm not very happy with the Havoline Synthetic in my Jeep. There was some talk of the Valvoline MaxLife Engine Protector. Would this be a good idea to add to a weak oil? If not, what would be a good OTC additive to pour into the sump after I get the Jeep back?
VMLEP has the adds needed to boost regular Valvoline to what it should be. Maybe wait for a while to add the VLMEP to let the oil do it's thing first. Maybe 2 treatments of VMLEP at 1000mi increments would be desirable.
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