I'm excited about jug Syntec ACEA A5 as summer alternative to GC. Reformulated?

I *almost* bought a jug of the ACEA A5 Syntec just for the heck of it. It smelled nice, not as strong as GC, but esther-ish. I, like many folk, am stocking up on GC but want something similar to it for summers when I can go with a 10w-30 and for the other 5 cars I maintain year-round with a 5w-XX. It's good knowing HT/HS is >3.2 and it has clingy (polarized?) esters for under $4q. I've been blending M1 15w-50 into some oil fills to bump up the viscosity, not anymore. I would like to see a VOA, but I think I found a new budget oil. [Big Grin] I wonder if it is reformulated or re-labeled??? [ September 27, 2003, 09:23 PM: Message edited by: TSoA ]