I'm bored already and thinking of a new test...

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May 22, 2003
Guys, I'm am very seriously considering doing something new now that the ARX test is over. It will involve a borescope and camera in the leading roles and co-star intake valve and combustion chamber deposits. All I really need to start this test is to decide what cleaner I should use. Sooooo.. What do you guys want to see in action first?
Aaron, how about testing Neutra? It is supposed to be able to clean engines also. It is fairly cheap and can also be used as a fuel system cleaner.
*writes down one vote for Neutra* I would love to use a product that is often discussed on this site like Neutra, Fuel Power, etc. My only condition is that the product manufacturer must claim that it removes those deposits. The reason for this is because I don't want to generate negative publicity for a product by using it for something is isn't meant to do.
I have not heard Neutra mentioned all that much recently as a cleaner for the engine. Mainly people talk about it as a fuel system cleaner. But it the past on this board people certainly claimed that it could be used as a engine cleaner just like Auto-RX.
Only question, if one products does it all and cleans out the synstem how are you going to test the other products?
I'd like to see a test on FP ..at least one just like you did on Auto-Rx. I think that stuff is far more passive then Neutra ...and will therefore take a very long time to show results. Unfortunately, as Mamba Bay points out, once you're all tidy ..what will you do then. [Big Grin] How bow a Neutra combustion chamber cleaning (as directed, naturally) and FP used as maintenance after you've either determined that Neutra does the job ..or how many applications are required to do the job in your case ??? This would show that Neutra does as alleged ..and that FP, at least in maintaining clean combustion chambers, does as well.
aaron, i would LOVE to see a test on some lucas UCL. You can find it at any napa auto stores. Its very similar to fuel power IMO. Also, I want to know if your blue smoke on startup problem stops!
Aaron, How about a before and after shot and test of Molakule's "Molasoak" combusion chamber procedure, using LubeControl or a similar thing? That way we can see how the combusion chambers clean up with the Molasoak procedure.
Fuel Power is looking like the obvious winner. Who is the representative for FP here? I know he posts here I just don't know his name. EDIT: As for the question of testing multiple products. If the first product I try does the job there won't be a need to try others but if it doesn't do anything then thats when other tests will come into play. There is always the possibility of using more than one vehicle for multiple tests. (coworker has a 1996 Dodge Ram with ~230,000 on it's 318) Also, I can look down the spark plug hole on my car with a flashlight and see carbon deposits on the top of the piston but I haven't stuck a borescope in there yet to see how bad it is or to see what the intake valves look like. So right now I'm not even sure my own engine is a candidate for the test. I hope to scope it this evening to find out. BTW, thats also when I will try to take some pics. I've been lead to believe that I can simply use my digicam with the scope. I hope this is the case as the point is to give you guys the pictures, not just tell you what I see. [ February 22, 2005, 12:00 PM: Message edited by: Aaron ]
I'd actually prefer to see a test run on LC. I use both FP and LC, but don't really use push the mileage on oil changes. I plan on continuing use on FP, but haven't quite decided on LC. I've noticed that many who do the UOA w/ LC don't really push mileage either. I'm looking for a quantified reason for continuing LC usage.
I spoke with Odis on the phone a short while ago and he gave the test his approval. He has recommended that I use both Fuel Power and Lube Control in the following manner: Lube Control- On my 4 cylinder engine, place 2 pistons at the top of their cylinders and put 1 tablespoon of LC in each of those cylinders. Let sit overnight. Afterwords turn the crankshaft 180 degrees with a wrench and do the same procedure to the other 2 cylinders. This is supposed to remove the combustion chamber deposits. Fuel Power- Run FP in the gas to remove intake valve deposits. I will say that I was hoping this would be a test of a single product like FP and not a test of multiple products (FP & LC) but I cannot, in good faith, do this test in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturers recommendations. So unless there are any objections..... Oh, and I asked Odis to stop by and throw his opinion in here.
Odis and his wife are great. I really like them. You will have a ball with this test. Happy Motoring All, [Cool] Bugshu
I might be chiming in too late, but I would like to see water injection. It's cheap and quick and many have reported positive results.
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