I'm a sucker for blue and nickel. Always have been, always will be. (Pietta Gunfighter SAA)

Sep 20, 2014
I am a serious sucker for blue over nickel or stainless. Gorgeous combo, and very practical going back to earlier days when there was a real galling issue with stainless on stainless. Pinto revolvers not so much, but a nice blue top end over nickel, I'm in.

So: Took another drive up to Bremerton today to get my two ARs out of I-1639 jail. supposed to be 10 days (by law). I went in on 2/12 and got called yesterday (3/8) that I was cleared. Oh yeah, all working as it should. I started this thread actually the day or two after I went up there;

Anyway, Got two nice ARs out of jail (WW MPC with a nice but not excessive scope, S&W Sport). But as they kept me endlessly waiting (not slamming the seller, just state paperwork), I found this delightful Pietta Gunfighter. 4 5/8", .357, Blue over nickel with period correct-ish gutta percha grips. Oh my. Cheap-ish. I already have a Ruger Old Model Blackhawk, 4 5/8", .357. No need for more leather, ammo, reloading dies, etc. Will be fun to shoot and handle the two side by side.

Real pic:


The gun on spec:

I got this S&W and Windham MPC out of hock today; gotta go back for this later.

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Looks like an A2 removable carry handle. Have you given the scope a shot or 2 with it mounted on the pic rail under the A2?
Looks like an A2 removable carry handle. Have you given the scope a shot or 2 with it mounted on the pic rail under the A2?

No, I have not shot it yet. Just got it home. A2 removable handle - looking for another A1 upper for a retro project, but that's another story. I played with the scope a bit, doing my best to intimidate the treeline down by the creek when I got home yesterday. It was the first thing I did, after I got the groceries in the house and before I even got the other guns out of the car. ;) It was quite interesting.

It is not a super pricey piece, it's a Vector 3x18 50mm. However it has very high reviews online, and it had very good clarity from what I could tell and nice long eye relief. My initial thoughts were to just sell it. But after playing with it, I am very tempted to keep it but re-purpose it. That Windham with the M4 barrel and that glass on it is a heavy sucker for what it is. I am a big fan of A1/lightweight profile barrels on an AR - already bought another barrel and upper for that to make a lightweight upper receiver group. Also with the creaky plastic handguards and wobbly collapsible stock, just not a good platform for a long-distance scope like that. We have some nice weather and I will shoot it soon, maybe today or this coming weekend when my step kids visit. But on the property I don't really have much distance - we only have a short pistol area that's really level, properly backstopped, and safe.

I got a really nice CMP Garand last year. I've been tempted to go find a bargain .30-06 bolt gun like Papaw used to hunt with. Then I could shoot commercial full-power ammo or load hotter loads than the Garand works with. This would go great with that - maybe I'll get a bolt gun to go with the scope. Great excuse, huh? ;)