ILSAC GF4/GF5/dexos1 comparison chart

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Too bad the spider charts are so dissimilar in peaks. The first spider has dexos equal or higher than anything ILSAC. The second shows GF-5 beating dexos1 in a few categories, buy a considerable amount. And considering GM is such a major proponent of E85 with it's flex fuel vehicles, you would think that their dexos1 spec regarding E85 would be light years ahead of GF-5, but it falls way behind GF-5 on the second chart.
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I don't know why the first spider graphic has the notation: "Dexos1 (with VID)". Anybody knows what's that VID? Any additive?
Not an additive. It just means dexos1 with GF-5's fuel economy VID test added. Its all kind of moot considering dexos1 separate from SN GF-5, since I've never seen a dexos1 oil that wasn't also SN GF-5, so its like its all really one big set of tests: dexos1-SN-GF-5, all.