ignition lock cylinder

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Jan 27, 2004
Richmond, VA
My wifes 01 Town and Country has locked up the ignition cylinder lately. After turning the steering wheel as hard as she can to the left and trying a couple of times it allows her to turn the key. The wheels have been pointed straight both times. Is there anything I can do to help prolong the life of this? How about spraying a lubricant in the keyhole? What kind of lubricant?
Thats not what I want to hear...how expensive is the part (ballpark?) and how hard is the job? Sure I can't spray some wd40 in there and not have to worry about it for a few years?
That's probably a good idea. You could try white spray grease. It's what I use and what Ford uses in it's locks.
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sounds like the tumblers are getting worn, might want to consider replacing it before she cant turn it off or start it.
If it is the actual lock cylinder itself, they aren't expensive and are easy to replace. If you want it to work on the same key, you'll need to have the new lock rekeyed by a locksmith. I would be careful about spraying WD-40 inside, it is conductive.
Your 01 T&C van may have a similar ignition cylinder R&R procedure as my Dakota. This is from my 2001 Dodge FSM, maybe it will help you: REMOVAL: The ignition key must be in the key cylinder for cylinder removal. (1) Disconnect negative cable from battery. (2) Remove upper and lower covers (shrouds) from steering column. (3) Place shifter in PARK position. (4) A retaining pin (Fig. 9) is located at side of key cylinder assembly. (a) Rotate key to RUN position. (b) Press in on retaining pin while pulling key cylinder from ignition switch. INSTALLATION The ignition key must be in the key cylinder for cylinder installation. (1) Install the key cylinder into the housing using care to align the end of the key cylinder with the ignition switch. (2) Push the key cylinder in until it clicks. (3) Replace the upper and lower shrouds. (4) Reconnect the battery. A locksmith or the parts department at your Chrysler dealer will have to re-key the new cylinder if you want to retain the original key. If you decide to keep the new key and you have the transponder type ignition key (transponder keys are gray, standard keys are black) the dealer may have to program the new key to your original ignition. If this were my van I would check first with the Chrysler parts guys. They can use your VIN and order the correct cylinder and key for your van, plus they will have definite info on what needs to be done after the cylinder is replaced. You might also try a powdered graphite, put a liberal amount on the key itself and work it in and out of the cylinder, see if that might help. Most any parts store will carry tubes of powdered graphite. I would say do not put any type of liquid or spray lubricant in the cylinder.
Long time lurker here,first post.... Had the same thing happen on the Caravan 2 years ago,sprayed brake cleaner in the key hole (could use Lectra Motive or contact cleaner) and then blew canned air in.(Tried Lubrication before,and it made no difference).I left it unlubed and its been fine since.Seems it must be a dirt or gime build up keeping the tumblers from moving freely.
I just had the ignition lock cylinder replaced in my 93 Suburban. First time I could not turn it to off, they said it was a bad copy of the key. So I went back to the original. A month latter same thing. Labor was more than the lock cylinder part. Since it was an old GM with 2 keys, having a new ignition key was not a problem.
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