Iffy Lube Incompetence. . . Unreal!!

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Sep 23, 2003
So, I have a new 2003 and way back in August I decide it's time to do the very first oil change on this vehicle. So I get the Fram filter & the Syntec Blend gallon container (This was before I ever knew about BITOG) and get to work. Drain the oil okay, but man oh man the filter!! Could not get that thing off. I bent a 'strap' filter wrench, and stripped a filter-cap socket wrench trying. Like a dolt, I then decided to use a chisel to loosen it. The predictable happened --- I nicked a small hole in the filter. At this point, I decided to cut my losses and use my free roadside assistance to have the van towed to iffy Lube. I figure, let them get this thing off just this once, and from now on I'll do my own changes. Problem was that the **** filter was oozing oil like crazy. It was getting everywhere. I grab about 4-5 paper towels and wedge them between the filter and the exhaust manifold to contain the spillage. Get the change done after having it towed there. Upset at them because they charged me a $1 per bottle "bottle charge" because they didn't have 5W20 on tap --- Oh well, no choice in the matter. For DAYS I'm smelling buring oil. I am not too surprised at this because there was oil all over the exhaust in there. a couple of days after this I discover BITOG. I learn about filters & oil. I return the stuff I bought for the initial oil change and I learn that Pennzoil is a pretty good oil. Since that is what Jiffy Lube used, I'm feeling pretty encouraged that things are fine. I check the oil level to be sure, and yep! It's full! Man oh man does it stink of burned oil! Long story short, It's time to change the oil. This time I have a PureOne filter and some oil I had special ordered: Delo 400 Synthetic 0W30 [Big Grin] . I have been itching to get that oil in there & decided tonight to change out the Pennzoil even though it only has 2300 miles on it. I drain out the Penn and then go to unscrew the filter. Yep! You guessed it! The wad of paper towels is still there!! Hard as a rock and now oderless. Stupid idiot dumb asses didn't take the paper towels out [Roll Eyes] . I am so lucky this didn't burst in to flames. I have no idea why it didn't. Moral(s) of the story: 1)Don't do the first oil change on a new vehicle (especially if the union is in contract negotiations with the manufacturer -- They must use an airgun to tightern those things on there. 2) Even if a quick lube place seems to have done a good job, they probably screwed something up you'd never expect. 3) Delo 400 Synthetic rocks! My engine is so quiet now!
Randy, A couple of comments: 1-You are right...you got very lucky those paper towels didn't burst taking out your ????? (vehicle??) with them. I'm guessing they were NOT resting on the catalytic converter because those babies get very hot and I doubt it wouldn't have set the paper on fire. 2-Why didn't you go ahead and finish taking the filter out? Did you have stuff in the way? Maybe "The Hulk" is the one that put the filter at the factory. You got lucky none of the threads were stripped 3-Lesson learned. Do as much to your vehicle as you can....Trust no one...not even the dealer! Rick
Last time I ever took a car to an Iffy Lube, they stole some of my change! I had a small amount of change in a cup holder in case I had to put change in a parking meter. When the oil change was complete, I checked the change and some had been taken! By the way, leaving a small amount of change like this can tell you a lot about the honesty or dishonesty of anybody working on your car/truck. If your mechanic is willing to take your change, you better find a different mechanic! Last time I ever went to a Greasy Ape, they tried to rip off Mobil 1 oil I had brought in for the oil change!
The thing I hate about auto repair facilities in general is they seem to think the public at large is just stupid, especially with regard to knowledge about cars. They seem to not give people any credit with regard to vehicle knowledge. They explain something to you and it's usually wrong! You need this because of that etc. [Roll Eyes]
Originally posted by Drew99GT: The thing I hate about auto repair facilities in general is they seem to think the public at large is just stupid, especially with regard to knowledge about cars.
Because when it comes to vehicle, they are... [Big Grin] And because of these, some shops (dare I say many) take advantage of this. Matter of fact, I'll say that the large majority of shops will try to sell someone stuff they really don't need just to make that extra buck.
Everyone remember P.T. Barnum? In alot of ways i don't feel sorry for S****d people when they get there car serviced. I think (IMHO only)that everyone who drives a car should a basic minimum know how it operates and at least know more than just how to put gas in it. If they won't/don't take the time to at least open the hood and be able to describe what a dipstick looks like, then let 'em get suckered.....
Fuqers those spasti lube jerx..... I had hernia surgery 5 years back or so...(don't ask)...anyway I couldn't climb under the car for an oil change. The jockohetero's couldn't even lie well. They said a bunch of BS (that I since can't quote correctly) but the funniest thing is: They (Grease Monkey) said my car had no oil in it when I arrived and I need this or that....to fix the seals etc...well I didn't believe them (of course) - because I had just checked the oil that AM, have zero oil leaks and the underside of the car wasn't covered with oil, the plug bolt was there, etc. But I did get worried - maybe the idiots removed some other bolt (?) and sure no oil came out and then they just added 5 qts on top, etc...let your imagination go. But alas, they didn't seem to harm the car...just bullsh!t to part me from my money.
Incompetence came in my favor this week when I had my tires and brakes replaced at a local service chain (iffy lube). I checked my oil yesterday morning after 2400 miles with Chevron and was amazed at how it "stayed clean". The last time I checked it was about 1500 miles, it was just as "clean". Coming back to my car after work I noticed the "Firestone/Kendall" OC sticker on the window. They changed the oil for free. Amazing how clean oil is with only 100 miles since the last OC. Is Kendall dino any good? Is free Kendall any better?
i'm in australia, and we dont have Iffy Lube here... but would you really want to goto a place that has the name "IFFY LUBE" ? i think the name says it all [crushedcar]
I had the same thing years back with the first filter change on a nissan. Filter was really torqued on there. Broke several filter wrenchs just like you. I however wasn't bothered by "nicking" the filter. I drove a large screwdriver right thru the filter and turned it a 1/4 of a turn. Oil of course went everywhere. Still stuck I drove the screwdriver thru in another location and turned another 1/4 turn. Took a full turn via the screwdriver thru the filter to get it loose. More than how hard the filter was torqued on, it seemed the gasket was completely dry when the filter was installed.
I agree that the factory GM,Toyota,DC etc..... all put the OEM filter on to tight at the factory. I am a power lifter and people often tell me that I am big enough to go hunt bear's in the woods with a switch! I too have had difacult time removeing factory installed filters. TO make mater worse they are getting harder and harder to get to if you do not have a lift!! A few years back GM had to recall alot of trucks to replace the typical GM oil filter adapter. Seems that some idiots on the line misinterpreted the engineers instructions. THe bolts that hold the adpter to the block was supposed to have some medium strength Locktite used. Instead they had been useing the strongest Locktite that Permatex makes. Wait it gets better!!! Seems that they also thought that they should use it on the threaded fitting that the oil filter spins on too as well. To make a long story short alot of customers were comeing in to their dealers complaining that they could not get the filters off. This is one of the reason they now have a quality team that is not divisonal and is centralized now! I ran into something simalar on my Buick! The factory installed IAC motor had the wrong Locktite used on it's little T20 screws. I had to destroy them to remove them!!
Bad oil changes are not only limited to the quicky oil change places. I took my truck to the dealer for the first oil change. When I went to change my oil for the 6K interval it was 1 quart low. I had been checking the oil up to my first oil change. It did not use a drop. I never checked for the next 3K miles. When I checked the reciept for the oil change at the dealer it was for 5 quarts of oil. My engine takes 6 quarts. I went back to the stealer to ask the service department how many quarts of oil does a 4.7 take. They told me 6 quarts. I asked them why they only put 5 quarts in my 4.7 when they changed the oil. They said they only charge the 5 quart price even if it takes 6 quarts. I asked if it might have damaged the engine running a quart low for 3K miles. Their reply was "No". I have never heard of a stealership giving away 1 free quart of oil with every oil change. What a bunch of BULL. Please remember that when you take your auto to the dealer for oil changes. They may find problems with your vehicle that you would not see servicing it yourself. They inspect the entire vehicle and top off all the fluids. They are trained professionals. WHATEVER. Jeff
Why would anyone expect that minimum wage employees with little to no benefits would do quality work on your automobile. Simple solution: Change your own oil and you will know it was done right.
Originally posted by ToyotaNSaturn: Is Kendall dino any good? Is free Kendall any better?
Kendall is good and free Kendall is excellent. A few years back Kendall was bought out by one of the companies that now make up ConocoPhillips. The Kendall data sheets I've seen are identical to Union76 data sheets...another ConocoPhillips brand. Ken
Originally posted by Mic: They are trained professionals.
Yep - trained at lifting money out of your wallet. I've used Speedy Lube before, who weren't all that bad. Better than changing the oil in 10 degree weather. Gotta good laugh with their sign that they put on the vechiles that come in for Modil 1. "This car's owner cares enough for Mobil 1" or something like that. The horror stories have made me change my own oil for the past few years though. Even in the snow, sleet, rain, and extreme cold. Its almost time to move South I think.
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