If You Have A Choice????

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Oct 25, 2003
Dallas, TX
If there is any oil that you could get(no questions asked, free)? What would it be and why?

I would also like to hear opinions on Amsoil Series 3000 vs there 5/30, 10/30 formulas. Right now trying to decide between the Series 3000 or Redline. I've tried doing a oil analysis on the batch of German Castol but as of a month no kit!!!!!

Thanx every1.
Well you see with a question like that you are going to get many answer's. Different people like different oils for there own reason. Right now I like the quakerstate HM 10W-30 because it makes my engine run smoother and I get better oil pressure with it. Others will say GC, Amsoil, Mobil1, walmart oil.
It's mostly based on what people are used to, if they have done uoa's and see good results they stick with it, some don't do uoa and just use the same oil because that is what they are used to. Other's don't care and use what's on sale that week. And other's never use the same oil because they want to do a uoa on every and any oil they can get there hands on

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I would get Torco 5w-30 or Synergyn 3w-30. They both seem like great oils and I would be curious to see a UOA of both of them.

Originally posted by nismo man 21:
If there is any oil that you could get(no questions asked, free)? What would it be and why?

Believe we covered this here a while back, but...

This may not seem like a very "exotic" choice, but given all the small engines, a motorcycle and ATV, farm tractors, and older car/truck engines I've taken the responsibility of changing oil on, I'd choose a free supply of Pennzoil Long-Life 15w-40, as it would be a universal oil that would protect very well, but offer the added benefit of highly reducing oil consumption in many engines, something that Delo and Delvac can't even do.

Delvac 1 would be my choice (simply put, a really great oil!) if it could keep consumption down in these older engines, but alas, it can't...

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Probably something like Redline, so that I could sell it on ebay and buy a case of chevron!
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