If you had to use a quick change place, would you

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Nov 14, 2003
Would you use Valvoline or Castrol??? Better filters with either? I am going to be moving and I may not be able to do my own oil changes at my next residence but these are close by. Does Mobil Still have any quick change places?? I would like to stick with Mobil one if possible, but will have to do with the others if I cant find one. Quick change is of utmost importance as I dont want, nor have the time to sit at a dealer/shop for an hour or two. Plus, the horror stories of mechanics taking the good stuff you bring in. yada yada yada
Find a Tires Plus, or similar place, fork over a little for labor, give them the oil and filter and have them do the drain for you.

Quick change places? They'd probably steal your oil. I wouldn't use their oil or filters, although their oil isn't the worst part, but rather the filters and no-caring labor.

My 2 cents..
"If you had to use a quick change place, would you"

No, I'd find an independant garage to do the work. Much rather have an actual mechanic perform the work versus some "grease-monkey" kid fresh out of high school.
(1) I like Pep boys, cause they have sooo many choices. Pick a filter from there Value proline filters to their Pureone, mobil 1 filters. You can also ask for cheap dino or the higher priced Royal purple and lucas oils. Though expect to wait hours and hours and hours for a simple oil change. I know alot of people hate Pb, but they do offer a large variety.

(2) Valvoline, Their Ok, probably better than jiffy lube. even better when u find a printable discount coupon online for them. their filters are probably the same as JL I believe their all Frams.
Might also want to check the local auto dealers. Many of them in my area now have oil change service while you wait as long as you have a appointment.
if you're gonna do a quickie change take it to wal-mart, tell them to throw a ST filter on and you're out the door for like $13 and change for st oil and filter. Walmart has to be just as good as the other quickie lubes or better.
One quick change place inspected my car and passed it when there was no pad left (none) on the exact wheel they had pulled to check.

Another pushed a screwer (by accident) through the air flow sensor on my Volvo and that costs me big $$ to replace.
I second the choice for a good independant garage. If you are not planning on changing your own oil you probably are not planning on doing the other maintenance work your car needs. Form a relationship with a good local mechanic and have him do all the work from minor things like oil changes to more complex repairs; you will both benefit, and you can sleep at night without worrying what the idiot at Jiffy Lube did to your car. If you must go for the lowest price, Wal-Mart is my choice. I had some tires rotated and balanced there and saw the "tech" actually using a torque wrench on the lug nuts.
An independent shop would be my first choice. However, many independents are not set up to do quick services. You may have to make an appointment or be willing to wait. Service at most dealerships has gotten better. They have a dedicated quick service department and use recommended fluids. Not always the best bargain. If you find a dealer or independent you like I think you should stick with them, you'll build a knowledge of the shop and they'll value you as a customer.
I had an operation near my swimsuit area 8 years ago and was unable to change my oil. I went to a Jiffy Lube. They really did try to rip me off, AND they broke stuff.

So I can say a private operation led me to Amsoil.
the Valvoline places near me have you sit in the car while doing the work and let me use my own oil so i was able to watch them put it in from the drivers seat. as for the filter they brought up the empty box but that doesnt mean anything so when i left i took a look and they used the filter i took in.
Pep Boys, Wal Mart, Jiffy Lube? They all stink!

Three different Peb Boys stores got caught three times stealing my synthetic and trying to put in the bulk oil.

Wal Mart left a wrench or some tool under the hood which then fell into the belts and did $1300.00 in damage. After 6 months of claim processing with Wal Mart, they told me if I could go across the country to the road where the car broke down and found the tool then they would honor the claim.

Jiffy Lube tried to use a Chevy drain plug in my BMW alloy oil pan. Why? I can't even guess. I had to take them to Better Business Bureau and arbitration...they fought me really hard, but I won, after 6 months.

I still use Pep Boys and Wal Mart sometimes, because they have a wide selection of oils and they are easy to find when traveling.

But I talk to the service manager first and decide if he or she runs a good operation and I ask for their most trusted tech to do the job. I often tip the tech. And I watch every step of the oil change.

It is easier and safer to change my own oil, but there are many reasons why it is not always feasible to do so.
Buy a fumoto drain plug with the nipple and get some hose
so you can change anywhere even if your new apartment situation won't let you do it. It's extra cost is one change
at lube stops.
I have had good experiences at my Honda dealer for oil changes and they only cost $20. Downside is they use Quaker State. But they do use 5W-20.

I had 2 freebies done there and they only took about 30 to 40 minutes total including check and check out.
BTW - the business model for the quick oil change places is to get about $70 per customer. So they are always pushing extras like a flush (AT or cooling system) or air filter or bulbs, wiper blades.
and the quickie lubes charge like $30 a change too! 9 times out of 10 when they say they do a 15 point inspection they just change the oil and park the car, they check nothing.
I go to wal mart when I cannot do it myself. I bring my own filter in or tell them to put a Super Tech on and tell them what oil (from the bottle) I want. I can see the work done from the waiting room. It's about $25 with the Super Tech filter and bottle oil.
Thanks, I guess I will just have to find somewhere I can keep a close eye on them when they change it and check the tq on the bolt/filter when they are done. I prefer to do all my own maintenance, I want to continue using synthetics I just dont want to get ripped off or worse, end up with damaged equipment. I used to use a valvoline quick change place in the past (they probably did 20 oil changes between two cars) and I never had a problem. I just dont think a valvoline synthetic oil change is worth 55-60.00!

I have had good experiences at my Honda dealer for oil changes and they only cost $20. Downside is they use Quaker State. But they do use 5W-20.

I had 2 freebies done there and they only took about 30 to 40 minutes total including check and check out.

Honda oil changes here are over US$35 here.
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