If Mobil 1 SS is Ester Delete are the cleaning properties greatly diminised now?

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
We all rant and rave about M1 and engine cleanliness.

Apparently now M1 may no longer have Esters.

If this is now the case is M1 any cleaner than Chevron or Pennzoil?

Perhaps the prime difference is that PAO's are more sludge RESISTANT than a group IIA or so but both M1 and dino will share similar inorganic detergent and dispersant agents?

(Esters being the organic one that is)

There that is my million dollar question!

This changeover to Ester delete now makes Amsoil, Redline, Synergyn, GC and Royal Purple more attractive in my opinion.
I knew M1 got cheaper for some reason.

Seriously, I don't know the answer, but at the price, I'm starting to wonder too.

Where is this info from? I know, not too long ago they changed the ester content, but supposedly it still contains esters, just a different kind.

Yes, now I read those threads carefully.

Here are new million dollar sub-questions:

Since Amsoil buys their base stocks from Exxon Mobil does this mean they oils will be this new PAO?

Will this also drive down Amsoil bottling costs?
What about the Mobil SUV 5w-40 a diesel synthetic and the same price as Mobil 1...I believe it does have esters and the same price...Much better oil the SUV than what many think it is...Take the Mobil SUV 5w-40 price per say than any synthetic oil on the market...An excellent synthetic oil!!
If esters are "engine cleaners" then:

1. how do they show up on a UOA?

2. why do oils such as M-1/Redline ext. (with esters) still need detergents such as Ca and others added? ie. shouldn't such addatives be confined to dino oils only?
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