If durability is not a factor, favorite wax?

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Dodo Juice Supernatural, just put this wax on a BWM I did a full correction on last week and it looked freakin' good.
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I do a car a day with Polymers. On good paint use a Festool Rotex Machine set on 2 - guaranteed no swirls in writing by the company. Step 1 use a White Waffle Pad loaded with Festool 8000. Take your time. Next, change to a Black Waffle and load with Festool 11000. Remove both compounds dry then lightly mist with water and go over again with Microfibre Cloths. For that BAM! factor lightly spray Showroom Glaze a panel at a time, wait ten seconds, remove with a Zymol or Mothers Microfibre. Go back to the first panel, lightly mist with water and go over very diligently. Keep SG off the plastics! They ready Hotrods for Shows this way over here in Oz.
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For the end result and ease of use I still like Mequires Ultimate Quick Wax.
I use this as a between wax enhancer and I am actually very impressed by it. I am not a big Meguire's wax or sealant fan but they make very good detail sprays and quick waxes that are low priced and readily available.
Pinnacle Souveran or AquaWax. Here's some flake/pearl shots of Souveran: (not that great of pics, but you get the idea)
Still cling to Nu Finish and an orbital buffer, it really is once a year. But the question is if durability is not a factor. I'm really liking Turtle wax Ice in the spray bottle. No white stuff, hides scratches, doesn't stain vinyl trim, etc.
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