Idiocracy: a decent movie

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Sep 23, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I just rented it last night, not a bad film at all. Kind of scary in fact how close to reality some parts of it are.
I have to wonder if some of the brands featured in it wanted to be or really understood what the movie was about before they bought a product placement?
Anyways I had a good laugh.
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Sounds like a good one from the WIKI read.......

Beavis and Butthead guys film????

Well imagine the whole world is like beavis and butthead, its a funny movie but also makes you think abit.
It is an excellent movie and really does make you think about the direction society's development is taking.......
Just recently saw this on cable, and it made me wish I had seen it earlier. Excellent movie.

"But... it's got electrolytes!"
The latest regulations on credit cards got me thinking about the movie, its pretty sad that so many people don't know how much they get charged to leave a balance on one for months...

One of our cards switched to charging interest on purchases from the day you bought it, that card got chopped and burned when we saw that on the statement.
I also find it fascinating that the more usury (like) laws we pass, the dumber people seem to get about floating credit lines. I guess look at the credit record of and the "house" made by the people passing such laws!!
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