I work with THE Oil Guru.

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Jul 22, 2007
Just in case you guys ever need any questions answered just ask me and I will pass it along to the Guru at work and he will tell you. I will pass on some tid bits of oil information he has given me, after all he learned all of this from being a construction worker in the Air Force for 20 years.

1. Quaker State and Penzoil are garbage, they are made with beeswax and will ruin your engine.

2. Going over 3k between oil changes will harm your engine.

3. He recommened using ONLY Mobil1 and says he has it changed every 2k. Also says proper engine break in you should change your oil @ 100miles, then 500miles, then 1000miles, then stick to 2-3k oil changes with ONLY Mobile1.

4. While his suburb knowledge did enlighten me that Fram filters were garbage, he could not name a brand that I should use.

5. He said that he will ONLY get a new car when his Nissan Extera hits 250k and his wifes Acura reaches 300k. But yet he also tells me that he never has or never intends to flush and fill the radiator, brake fluid or transmission fluid.

6. For a smoother ride and a longer lasting tire always lower the tire pressue 5 lbs regardless of make or specified tire pressure.
I think it's wonderful you have access to such an enlightened and brilliant individual. I can't wait for more glittering insights from this clearly superior person of amazing petrochemical knowledge.

Any chance you could get him to write an article or two for BITOG? I'm sure we all would love to have him as a guest speaker. Maybe those know-nothing's like Johnny, Molakule, Bruce381 and Doug Hillary will finally be put in their place.

/sarcasm mode
Are you sure he's not 'THE LOVE GURU'. I'd like to hear his 'insights' on that topic.
I run into these types all the time. Don't try to confuse these folks with facts or real experience. They are so emotionally tied to their routines and pseudo knowledge, that any real info just upsets them. So save your breath and frustration for someone worthwhile.
Originally Posted By: pbm
Are you sure he's not 'THE LOVE GURU'. I'd like to hear his 'insights' on that topic.

He might this so, but most of the women @ work are repulsed by him and think of him as the "dirty old man"
Well...he's got 1/2 right out of six. Does he do any better picking lottery ticket numbers or horses to bet on?

Thanks for the humor.
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