I will never use gc 0w-30 again

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Nov 10, 2003
So Cal
I got the oil change fever last month and went with German Castrol(PureOne filter) in my Dakota. At first everything was as usual, but after a trip to Vegas(Cup/Busch race [Big Grin] ) I looked at my dipstick and the oil was a "redish"/"teriyaki-ish" color???? I have tried many different oils: Mobil 0w-20,0w-30,10w-30; Royal Purple 5w-30, 10w-30; Chevron 10w-30(Supreme&High Mileage), Delo 400 15w-40. Some I liked more than others for any number of reasons(most un-scientific). And I have NEVER seen an oil EVER look like this, much less in only 1,215 miles. I did use Redline fuel cleaner in my gas on the way to Vegas. However I have used RL before many times and have never had this "problem". I am not sure that this was indeed a "problem", but it was most discouraging to see the oil that color. Yes, before you ask, my motor is in perfect working order with 61,000 miles on it. I went back to Chevron Supreme 10w-30(PureOne filter) and I have 1,070 miles on the oil and it looks just like it did when I poured it in. I am going to stay with Chevron Supreme 10w-30 changed every 3,500 miles. Any thoughts on why GC turned "red"????? Darryl Loose in, tight off? Drive it in deeper. [Patriot]
So you dumped very likely good oil after less than 1,500 miles because you didn't like the color? [Roll Eyes] I have over 7,500 miles on this oil and it still looks clean, yes there is a reddish tint to it but it was there after a change, it only looked green in the bottle, never on the dipstick. Can you at least do an analysis? This should tell you if there is something wrong with it more so than going by the look.
So, are you guys saying that dark red is normal using GC? Color is just one of many reasons that I would dump a "perfectly good" oil [Big Grin] I have done alot of searching and I did'nt come up with GC turning red, did I miss something? Darryl
Originally posted by Darryl: So, are you guys saying that dark red is normal using GC? Color is just one of many reasons that I would dump a "perfectly good" oil [Big Grin] I have done alot of searching and I did'nt come up with GC turning red, did I miss something? Darryl
Under certain useage, climatic, atmospheric conditions, most oils are capable of turning a funny color. December 2002, I used Castrol GTX 5w-30 mineral. When I dumped it out 6 months later(it may've been less than 6 months), it was a reddish color. Red oil did not concern me, and it should not concern you.
Well, I think we will agree to disagree about red oil color not concerning me. I am good at making motors fast and last. Thats why I said my motor is in perfect working order(please trust me on this one!!!) I am only 36 years old and have not by a long shot seen it all, but I do have a ton of racing experience in which I am the only person I can afford to work on my equipment! Again, I have NEVER seen an oil look like this after any amount of mileage or abuse. But then again I have never used GC before. For you guys that love GC in the So Cal area, rest a little easier, because there will be more of it thanks to my experience. I might be making way to much out of this, but isn't that what this site is for? [Wink] Darryl
If it were me and I was concerned about the color, I would have had a sample of that analyized for peace of mind. I've got around 4,200 miles since 10/03 on GC 0W-30 in my GM 5.7L gasser with a Pure One oil filter, and the oil on the dipstick looks similar to any other oil I've run in the beast. It's got over 183,000 miles on the clock. Although, it did see 2 Auto Rx treatments before the GC. I'm satisfied with the stuff. And will keep using it.
You over reacted. GC is a great oil. Do a seach of the UOA section. No bad UOA have been reported with this oil. As many on this board have reported, you cannot always go by the color of the oil and tell how well it is doing. Most likely it was cleaning.
Essentially the greenie turned kinda brownie after a few hundred miles. I really wouldn't have been concerned, but it was your decision to dump $30+ of oil. Just an idea to bounce out-- are you planning on picking an oil to "stick with"? You'll probably notice a LOT more consistant colouring of oil once you decide on one. It's also possible along with removing residue from old oils, it was clashing a touch in colour chemistry alone. But changing colour in the GC seems to be part of the experience. I wasn't concerned with my chance, just figured the colour had 'burned off'. ferb!
Hey Guys, Darryl has made up his mind and the more you explain the more convinced he has become. He is a part time mechanic and has become an oil expert on that account. I am no expert so rely on you guys and UOA's for scientific evidence. It takes 2 fools to argue. I for one appreciate the vast amount of knowledge and experience put forth at this site. GregH
I got my Suburban with about 25K miles of Dino back in the early 90's. I changed it to Mobil-1 on the first change, and like you, saw the oil turn to a reddish color. Lo and behold, after a couple of changes I could see grease pencil marks on the top of the head where the assembly line had marked items during the engine build. The Mobil-1 was in fact cleaning the varnish and junk from the previous use of the other oils. Once this process completed, the oil stayed it's natural honey color until it darkened with use. I personally would be glad to see the red color, I think its telling you that cleaning is underway.
Yep Darryl, consider me another vote for the cleaning effect ... especially if the ester content of this oil is high as some have speculated. As I see it, we have 2 major problems: 1) No UOA. If there was a recent prime candidate for UOA, this is it. 2) No picture. I assume this oil has been disposed of already? Could have made a pretty neat .jpg if a sample was put in a little glass jar then carefully photographed. [Frown] Can you at least describe the color? Get a PMS match? Sherwin Williams matching number? Something? [Confused] I mean, we we talking a really disturbing reddish color like Georgia red-clay mud? [Freak] --- Bror Jace
As far as already making my mind up, you guys are correct [Smile] ! I should have explained better; my truck has only used RP 5/10w-30 for almost all of its life. Then I found this site and tried the Chevron based on all the high praise. The Mobil 1 is in my wifes '03 Accord, not my truck. Within the last 15,000 miles I have had the heads off so I could port/polish them and install 1.7 roller rockers and also replaced the oil pan with a higher capacity unit. The motor looked brand new at all locations visable from the tear down. Based on that, I should have stayed with RP and left well enough alone, but I'm me, and I have a tough time not trying something/everything new! I am not bashing the oil, if you like great. I simply said that I will never use it again. If the Chevron Supreme 10w-30 keeps on performing like it has in my modified motor, than thats what I'll stay with and save alot of money. I never went longer than 5,000 miles(and that was tough) on the RP, thats just me. I believe in shorter OCI's than most on this board. Plus, I GET to work on my equipment that much faster. [Patriot] Darryl
Bror Jace: I was typing too slowly! Yes, the oil has already been recycled. Picture? jpg? I'm just proud I can turn this thing on [Big Grin] It looked just like really burnt auto tranny fluid and teriyaki sauce mixed. NOT a red "tint" as discribed by others. Real dark, something I have never seen before. And as for it "cleaning" my "dirty" motor as being the cause, I think you get the picture that my motor wasn't/isn't dirty by any stretch!! Darryl [ March 15, 2004, 02:32 PM: Message edited by: Darryl ]
Like others have surmised, this is most likely a strong ester based oil. It's definitely a sleeper and quite possibly the best 0w-30 for the $$ right now. I wish I could find the stuff. I might hunt some down this weekend. Castrol makes some very good oils but their marketing and distribution suck. [ March 15, 2004, 09:00 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Darryl, If the color made you nervious better to drain it out and have peace of mind as life is to short for worries! I have had regular Castrol come out red before. I just figured it was fuel additives in the oil! BP fuels used to be known for leaving red deposits inside an engine. I would definately send a sample off to be analyzed! If you do not you will never know!
It probably turned red because it started out green and had some contaminates mixed in it. How many oils have you poured into your motor that was green? If zero, why would you be surprised that it was turning red? A UOA would have told you if you had any problems. Who knows, antifreeze may make GC turn red.
Goes in green, comes out red... Maybe I'll wait for Christmas and try it again!! [Big Grin] Darryl [Patriot]
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