I went back to dino

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Jul 13, 2003
I switched to dino in my Corolla as I could no longer justify running synthetics in this car( only 3900 miles driven in close to 8 months). I put in Supertech 5W30(grey bottle)with a ST4967 filter.Feels real smooth,peppy and slightly more quiet with this dino oil vs M1 in this engine(1ZZ-FE).Also for some strange reason there is a slight increase in gas milage when I run this stuff over M1.It's real small but noticible to me. It also idles about 100 rpm lower with Supertech as oppose to M1. For good measure I drained my tranny and added 4qts of fresh ST ATF as I have really good results with this stuff. Flushed in a quart of ST ATF in the power steering system too.Operates slightly smoother and quieter than before(BG flush used before). All these fluids(plus a filter) cost me $11 bucks and change.Not bad for an oil change,transmission service and power steering flush. Car runs better than ever with this stuff for some reason. Next up is ST antifreeze flush completing the Supertech axis of evil [Eek!] . [Patriot]
About 13,000 miles ago I went to Chevron Supreme dino from Mobil 1 in my 98 chevy truck with the 5.7L and my oil analysis results improved along with less oil consumption. I also could not justify the added cost of Mobil 1. I don't regret going back to dino. I just posted my latest oil analysis results on the Chevron in the used oil analysis section and I'm pretty happy with them. Synthetics are not for everone or every vehicle. Wayne
I think it may have something to do with the thickness of the oil at this engines operating temperature. Some really quick measurements I took with a Fluke infrared thermometer showed a head temperature(intake side)of around 180 degrees.Oil temp off the stick was around 190.These are rough measurements if anything. This was with M1 5W30 with close to 90 degree ambient temperatue with the AC on. I am assuming that there is a slightly higher operating temperature with the dino oil explaining the slight increase in gas milage.Better combustion.
Alan, you realize, of course, that by awakening to common sense, you've broken the immutable "Code-of-BITOG"? [Wink] (Penalty - "stoning" with conventional empty oil jugs and old oil filters until your brains turn to 0W-30 GC...)
I still plan to keep using M1 5W30 in my Sienna as this is really a special(read heavy duty)application although I could change my mind [Roll Eyes] . This van was made 6/2/02,supposedly after some of the changes were made to reduce the "sludging" however I still have to keep a keen eye on the PCV as it gums up quickly. There are 3 different PCV's on the 2002 model year Sienna,application dependent on date made. Changing the oil filter in this van is a sloppy job,known to anybody who has ever done one on a Toyota V6(1MZ). If I did use conventional in this van I might use something like a Motorcraft 5W30 [Patriot] .
At 3900 miles in 8 months it means you're probably changing oil about once a year. Your savings will be a whopping $16 a year. I wouldn't have bothered to change to a cheaper oil. Of course I'm one of those people who's left M1 in a car for 2 years and had the UOA show no ill effects..
In the 5W30's [SPAZ!] Supertech is $.88. Motorcraft is $1.42. Havoline is a $1.26. Chevron 10W30 is avalible but a prior run of this stuff in my Corolla made it feel real lethargic [No no] . Besides I don't feel there is any real merit in choosing a 10W30 over a 5W30 today anyways,in the past maybe. The difference in price between 4 qts of Supertech and Havoline(which I guess could be seen as Chevron)can almost buy me an ST filter [Roll Eyes] . To be honest with the Supertech 5W30 the car feels more peppy and eager to rev as oppose to Havoline 5W30 which made the engine feel real smooth but a tad "sluggish".Never tried Motorcraft. I don't think there is any overall benifits in choosing a more exspensive dino over Supertech in my Corolla.Supertech isn't gonna [crushedcar] my car.
About the oil I dumped(M1 5W30). It had the gasoline changeover from winter/summer and 2 Redline SI-1 under it's belt.Pretty much all city milage too. On the dipstick it didn't look too dirty but when drained it looked plenty dark. The engine felt more lethargic and sounded louder with M1 over ST,new or not.Then there is that 100 rpm difference [Roll Eyes] . Also with the change came the opportunity to install a Fram Sure Drain on my car and I must say I like it.It should make future drains a snap.
Alan, best of luck. ST will not ruin your car and the differences in oil are probably minimal. I have the sure drain on a couple of cars. I put a hose clamp up at the end of the hose to keep it firmly on there. It makes it even easier to use. [Cheers!]
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