I wanna use up my Superflo semi stash. Mix in 1q of Superflo full syn with the semi?

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Aug 12, 2003
Ok, here is the deal. I have about 35 quarts of Superflo SJ semi-synth (cost=1 cent each) and six quarts of Superflo SJ full synth.($1 each!) In our 17 year-old "beater", how about using the semi-synth (instead of buying MORE new oil) and adding a quart of the full synth too. (instead of 1 change using up all six quarts of the synth) I know if I was buying otc, the extra $5 for a quart of synth added to a dino change is barely worthwhile, but I have this stuff laying around, the 35+ quarts of semi has to get used up somehow, why not use the full synth to make the semi more desireable? I am doing 6 month changes anyway. The synth should add some high-temp protection and some cold-cranking. I know Superflo is good stuff, even the semi grade is probally fine for our old car, would the added full synth make it better? I would sleep better at night if it was in there and I probally would not even want to use the semi-synth without a little boost. Is this a good plan, to use up my stash of decent semi oil, enhanced with the full synth. Is it worth paying about $100 to replace oil I already have with SL semi synth or equlivalent? PS I read all the previous "mixing" posts already [ December 22, 2003, 03:09 AM: Message edited by: TSoA ]
Personally I would use up the superflo full syn first..if you have a quart or two left of full syn, I would mix it with the semi syn on the next oil change. they are both SJ rated and both have esters in them. plus, you got a great bargain. it would offset that bargain with more $5 syn. with 41 quarts and two oil changes a year, your set for awhile [Cheers!]
Since they are from the same manufacturer and the same SJ grade you should have absolutely no problems: in the past I have done this with Havoline products with good service and no leaks, etc. You are just brewing up a SUPER-Semi-Synth, IMHO! [HAIL 2 U!]
Super-Semi-Synth, ha ha. Sounds like a breakfast cereal! After some reflection, I am definately going to use up the semi-synth with the full synth mixed in. The alternative is having this stuff laying around, when it is probally pretty good and will definately be suitble for a 180,000 miles car that dosen't burn oil anyway. I have mostly been using a semi like MaxLife and DuraBlend plus an odd quart of synth. (GC curently) Cost is not an object, but I maintain my woman's older car and her mom's A6 out of my pocket. I can't skimp on the A6 oil, her mom drives hard and won't check the level in a oil-burning engine. With a good synth it dosen't burn much, with my girlfriends car I can easily mainitain the level. Who knows, maybe I'll try a batch in the A6 too. I guess I'll talk to you guys in 3 years when my GC and Superflo stash is used up! [Big Grin] Maybe adding two quarts of the synth with three semis will be the answer. No way will we have this car three more years, I can use up maybe 12 quarts of the semi and the six full synths counting top-off oil by next year this time. That leaves me about six 10w-30, twelve 10w-40 and ten 5w-30s as leftovers. Oh well, I at least have a plan and know how much give-away oil I have left. Thanks for the input. [Big Grin] [ December 22, 2003, 06:01 PM: Message edited by: TSoA ]
If I was only planning (rich enough) to keep a car a few years I would change the oil when in was below the L mark on the dipstick, and only then.
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