I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

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For many years this was my absolute favorite forum. I would come here everyday. Sometimes multiple times in a day. I would ask
questions, answer questions, give my opinions, ask for opinions, etc. I don't know what has happened but I am nervous to even post anymore. Too
many people with too many issues. I've blocked a few of the meanest ones and that helped some.

Now I have resorted to mainly PM'ing my friends here and no longer posting in open forum. My last post had some other people making
comments and giving their opinion and some people started telling them they were wrong,..yada, yada. There can't be wrong opinions. Now,
there can be opinions you disagree with as I have many of those. I just get tired of all the nitpicking and criticism. I'm amazed at the number of
people who go back and research posters to remind them they posted the same question 2 years ago. I have never thought about doing that.
What goes through someone's mind to do that? I feel like I'm on trial when I come here and the jury has been rigged. It's a consistent 3-5
man jury that does the sentencing for most of us. It hurts me to see how some of you jurors/attorneys respond to people. In many ways, I feel
inadequate but I don't channel that frustration to other posters.

I'm not a cry baby. This is my opinion. IT ain't wrong.

This forum used to be fun.

ps. There are 6 of you that I consider friends. You know who you are and I ain't talking about you. I will always come to you with questions
looking for advice.
There are some annoying people here, you have done well considering you have been here since 2002. When I tell someone we will never agree and they won’t stop trying to change my mind, thats not for me.

I do not mind people sharing their opinion but I do not have time for people who Cannot accept the fact that other members do not consider their opinion as fact.

Bottom line is, people do not have to come here and its up to them to decide if they feel better or worse emotionally being a member.

I joined recently after being a visitor since 2002 and I said I would at least try it out.
I absolutely agree with your frustration about how folks can be treated here. And from the frustrated replies of others that I've read, you are not the only one. I think a few folks just come here to share stories about their favorite oil or brand of gas or car; others here are a bit more assertive about whether or not it really was that oil or gas that did the trick.

I was actually thinking of suggesting to the mods, a newbie forum where gatekeeping and nagging about using the search function would be kept to a minimum by heavy moderating. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want to see a forum where all sorts of unsupported ideas would be swapped around and repeated as truth. I just see the abrasive tactics of some as the price we pay for airing our ideas out in public. If the ideas hold muster, so be it; if not, then let's not repeat these myths endlessly.
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He may have been here before 2002. During one of the upgrades a few years ago it resorted all the members that signed up in 2002 or earlier to '2002'. I've been here longer than that (my first username was 'Tim H'), I want to say 1999. Anyhow, this forum is still the best one for general civility and information. Some of the names on here are familiar 'faces' and it is kinda neat to continue to see them pop up. I think in the last couple of years there has been an uptick in 'less then desirable posters', but I am on some forums that are way worse.


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Didn't you post this same message back on November 23rd 2006?

Go search for that info its on here.
Then slap them when they post to old threads.

Got one guy here that gets his jollies slapping all the newbies.. That said it's somewhat refreshing to see some things never change.

Yeah we all get it..
Sorry it bothers you. Don't let it.
The good outweigh the bad.
Every forum eventually develops an "in crowd" that is active daily on the website and performs certain gatekeeping roles. This crowd exists to enforce a status quo.
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Gebo, we have chatted many times. We also live relatively close too. Hope I am one of your friends ( I think I am). I will do anything to help anybody but especially friends. I feel the same way about here recently I’ve been having some disagreements with members and been treated terrible and the ones who are rude usually don’t get any action taken against them from what I’ve seen. Also got my reaction score reduced too which I am extremely furious over still I’ve been having to vent a whole lot. I hesitate to ask any questions on the forum I normally ask a few members over PM to see what they think. I had honestly considered leaving but it’s the members who are helpful that bring me back and one mod who checks on me from time to time too he brings me back. It seems every time we post something that is our opinion people go off even if we clearly state it’s an opinion then those members attack still yet. When I first joined people were mean because I was a new member and stated something very true about a brand of oil and then they went off and I ended up getting a week off because I didn’t reply to warning messages which that was a lesson learned there that I need to respond to them. I want to stay part of the forum but we need those members to be controlled on what they say and the way they come across.


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Gebo try not to fret about types that are like that. I was on another forum a few years back, but one of those types got under my skin and I decided it was time to log off.

This is one of the better sites out there and you sometimes have to take the good with the bad.
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I have been enjoying BITOG. I post as though I am talking to friends. Most responses that I get are positive and helpful. The good definitely outweighs the bad for me. I have exchanged PM’s with some members and have done business with one member. I feel very fortunate to have made friends with a few.

Three highlights are;
Learning how and where to find high quality tools without paying the tool truck prices. (Tool trucks are great when in a hurry)
Repair and maintenance tips and techniques.
Finding bargains on motor oils and automotive/machinery fluids.

I visit BITOG at least once per day.
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Gebo, I see it all the time on every forum I go to. It’s like there is a certain type of person that doesn’t have the sack to say things in person so they get off on doing it online. Guess it makes them feel superior in a way. Usually this same type of person gets bossed around by their wife all day and it makes them want to do things they can’t in the real world. I mean really?? It’s hard to believe one would take the time to search your past posting for repeat questions.
I myself make it a point to treat others exactly the way i would in person.
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