I really tried to resurrect this 2013 Chrysler 200 Touring, 2.4

Oct 7, 2012
Staten Island, NY
But you can't win them all
My sisters boyfriend's brother has this 2013 Chrysler 200 Touring, 2.4 with a 62TE, 199k
They told me they thought this was it, check engine light, something catalyst efficiency, they were told it's not worth it to fix, etc
I said bring it by, I'll do what I can for it

I cleaned all the compost and debris out of the cowl and drainage ports (was completely clogged)
I doubt it's been washed since Obama was in office

Wrong size busted wiper blade, it could either be latched onto the arm, or not bind on the trim
Not both

Run to Costco, $15.75 later, you can see 👀

It took darn near a gallon of coolant, washer fluid bone dry, power steering fluid low, oil suspiciously clean and correct 🤔

I then scanned for codes

Okay, P0420 as I was told, the P0740 was news to be
But I pressed on
As much as the EPA hates it, some people are in their struggle era, so I spun a O² sensor spacer on the post cat oxygen sensor
Cleared the codes
Proceeded to change the plate lights, change the front marker lights (many words in vain 😤), inspect the tires (one missing lug nut 🤷‍♂️)
Air up the tires, clean the inside of the windshield, minor tasks
Alright, it's shaping up to be a car that can earn an honest NY inspection
Wipers, lights, fluids, tread, brake pad life, what more could you want out of a 200k Chrysler product 🤷‍♂️
I've put about 50 miles on it, and I seem to have got away with the catalyst efficiency code
Unfortunately, the more I drove it this afternoon, I don't think the transmission is all that healthy
It shifts reasonably, but on the highway I feel like converter lockup is slurred or not happening
Any experts on the 62TE here?
Then there's the noise (whine?) When it warmed up
This is about 30mph


I doubt it's been ever serviced, it has a capped dipstick tube, I don't own the graduated gauge to do the checks
Maybe it's weeped it way low?
Or is 200k the service life for a 62TE?
Oh, and the airbag light/chime is constantly intermittent, in 30 second intervals
I don't know why, but there's a open 2016 Recall (16V-668/S61), for a replacement Occupant Restraint Controller
I don't know what they're gonna do with/for it
I'm kinda disappointed that I couldn't exactly save it, luckily my spend was maybe $30
That would cover my costs
If they choose to continue to drive it, at least it'll be safer on the road, and less likely to be pulled over with all working lights and proper blades
It's got a decent set of Cooper's on it, not really much rust, everything else is just average 🤷‍♂️
I tried, luckily all I lost was an afternoon 🫤

She's been around the block
But the marker light now works, so there's that 😭

Whoever at Chrysler decided the wheel well was the best place for the battery is a massive L 😒
The wheel well liner is doing its best Where's Waldo 🤷‍♂️
A neighbor of mine may have the dipstick in his garage leftover from that awful W203 he made me fix 😳
Maybe I'll have it back in a few days for further investigation

The P0740 has matured to a permanent 🙁
But the catalyst monitor (it's PZEV) passed
While not the win, it's A win 🤷‍♂️

I hate when things leave with more lights than they showed up with
But I did what I could
I'm frankly surprised a Chrysler transmission made it this far anyway, in the NYC driving dynamic
It is/was a terrible car by Chrysler. Kept up their reputation of bad cars although they have a select few great offerings .
This 200 is the facelifted JS platform Sebring/Avenger
At least it's got the 2.4 "World" GEMA engine, instead of the earlier POS 2.7 EER V6
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You're a saint for taking it on. I have a nephew just like your 200 owner. Most recently he's driven a once very nice 2014 Equinox into the ground. He knows where the gas goes, he knows where the key goes, and I think he has a passing concern for the oil life monitor. Transmission fluid? Never heard of it. Unfortunately, at 30 years old, he still has a grandmother that bails him out with her checkbook (new car for Christmas this year), so this behavior will never get any better. Who will bail your friend out when the 200 sends the transmission fluid out the vent tube? This sector of car owners amaze me endlessly.

That beam pattern is sus 😳
They're aware it's reaching EOL, I believe the owners moving on/up in his field, so a new family car is in the near future
I'm noticing a trend with the basket cases that come across my driveway
A lot of people seem all too eager to shift into palliative care on a car
Everyone does it at different stages, for different reasons
It's always much later than I do tho 😳
This 200 is the facelifted JS platform Sebring/Avenger
At least it's got the 2.4 "World" GEMA engine, instead of the earlier POS 2.7 EER V6
I still can’t believe they crammed the 3.6 Pentastar into them. Torque steer while spinning through first and half of second? Whenever you want!

If you get it again can you do a little experiment? My parents have a 2013 200 with the 3.6, for some reason when using “range select” it will go into whatever gear you select. If you’re at a stop you can put it into 6th gear and try to accelerate for example. Just curious if theirs is an anomaly or if they’re all like that.
Man that dude sounds like a total ding dong! He needs to turn in his man card.

Hopefully your sister's man isn't like that. Good job on the maintenance(y). You should set some time aside to teach him how to do some man things.
He has his area of expertise (medical field), I have mine (general wrenching)
While I agree that a lot of men are unnecessarily hopeless, some context is acceptable
The pharmacist/surgeon/accountant/lawyer all have their craft and areas of expertise
I turn to them for theirs, they turn to me for mine
Update, it has been picked up
I was given $40 for my efforts 🤷‍♂️
I gave the low down & disclaimer, and that the recall should be done regardless, and that it's due an oil change
They understand, and will hopefully be out of it come June, which coincidentally is when the registration is up
If they want to have a used trans swapped in, or just park off street until the registration expires, that's their decision
With full lighting, and wipers that wipe, I feel safer sharing the road with it
If anything, it's inability to move (transmission) will be it's downfall
And the one missing lug nut, I didn't have any that would fit