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very interesting. I know my results in my 83 MB turbodiesel: Each 3000 mi OCI (about a month each, at the time when I did this) was done witrh a different HDEO. Delo gave the worst mileage Rotella was a tiny bit better delvac 1300s was best Then I tried blending delvac 1300s and delvac 1. a 50/50 mix of delvac 1/1300s improved MPG by about 1-1.5 on average. a full sump of D1 added about 0.5mpg on top of that. del;vac 1300s ixed with delvac 1 gave the best bang for the buck. And, excellent UOAs to boot! All mileages were obtained with the same driving profile, and all MPG figures for each oil choice were very consistent. Overall this told me that delo 400, despite showing some excellent UOAs in many different applications, did something else to the engine. In the end, I figured it was worth the $$ to extend the drain and protect in the cold, so the car just got full sumps of delvac 1. Still has it in there, though an uninsured girl wrecked it, and so now its just sitting in my lot under a cover [Frown] [Thumbs Down!] JMH
It's the 15W....that does the bogging...does it do it while warm?
It's noticeable before the oil heats up, although I'm very easy on the gas during that time, but even more noticeable when it's finally hot. That's when the olde leafoote hammers down. It feels like I'm hauling three more people and a trunk full of luggage. Going by own rule of thumb, I must be losing somewhere close to 10 hp, or I wouldn't notice the difference. I'm just glad that you guys confirm my experience, so I can stop pinching myself. [Wink] Anyway, this oil won't be in there for very long!
Losing 10 hp because of oil - THAT is amazing!! I honestly never noticed this, but I haven't used Delo for like 7 years. Well look at it from the bright side - when you dump the rinse Delo and go back to some lower vis synthetic it'll be better than a cat back exhaust and new plug wires [LOL!] PS Dump in some MMO to thin it out..... [Cool] [Wink]
Well, maybe 7 hp. Show me anybody whose butt dyno is sensitive enough to notice a powerloss of a few hp in anything else than a Geo Metro. [Wink] PS: Maybe I'm imagining things.
I can belive you. If you have a quite mind and listen to what the car is telling you alot of information is their to be had. You can tell if the tire presure is off, if the tires have been changed, if the bushings need to be swaped out etc.... Usualy the car will just fill slower or you notice you had to slow down more for a curve, or the care was pushing or you did not fill as many g's on acceleration etc..... The problem is most people do not have a qite mind and lack the focus to discern these things! I have been in some cars were youcould indeed fill the difference in oil and other that were happy pumping tar! With all of that said perception also plays a role. I have found that a quite car does not feel as fast as a loud car!! I can also attest to solid motor mounts make the car feel more powerful then nicely isolated engine mounts found on production cars.
John, I'm very perceptive when it comes to noises and whether or not something is wrong when I'm driving a car. That used to drive my mechanic nuts, because he couldn't confirm what I described hearing or feeling. And yet, there I'd be a week later with some sort of problem that matched exactly what I had known all along! Back to the Delo, gas mileage surely has dropped very noticeably! I think I'll have to compare the hot viscosities of M1 5W-40 and Delo 400 to see if the Delo is maybe a lot thicker.
but I've finally put an oil in my engine that does bog it down. Syntec 5W-50 didn't do that,but Delo 400 does. Noticeably! [Burnout]
I don't know why that happens other then maybe better/more friction modifiers are used? [I dont know] In my Toyota Delvac 1 made my car really sluggish, Amsoil 5w-40 didnt. [I dont know]
I'm for the John's perception theory and I think a car is most enjoyable only after a couple years are spent driving it. I can feel the difference between 5w30 or 5w40 unless completely warm. Or when change the same viscosity at 5K miles/10year (mainly that's why I change at that interval). In the first years of the ownership I couldn't tell a 20w 50 from a 5w 30.
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