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Jan 13, 2006
Hello All, I'm in the process of buying a new '06 Toyota Tundra DC PU w/the 4.7l V8 engine. I have several questions and would be interested in your responses: 1) Plan on initial oil change after 300-500 miles w/Havoline 5W30 & OEM Toyota filters - has anyone ever used GM's EOS, VSOT or CD2 additives during initial break-in period? If so, at what ratio - crankcase capacity w/filter change is 6-1/2 qts. 2) From what I've read, the Mobil 1 5W30 oil is available in three(3) versions - Regular, T&SUV & EP - after approx 5000 miles I would like to change to synthetic and use a 4500-5000 mile OCI. Any thoughts on which would be best for very long term ownership? How about GC 0W30 - there seems to be quite a following and it appears that it produces less engine noise from the previous postings. Only GC in my area starts w/"528" and appears to be Gold rather than Green. 3) It stays very hot in Jax,FL most of the year - the manual states 5w30 - I've read that Mobil 1 is a bit on the thin side - what weight would you use with the high heat and humidity in our locale. Thanks for the input - all suggestions gratefully accepted!
1. I would not use any additives during the break-in period or after. Good oil is all that is needed. Havoline as good as any other dino. 2. Regular M1 would be best if you are doing short intervals of less than 10,000 miles. The truck suv stuff is excellent but regular M1 has proven itself over many many miles. 3. The M1 5w-30 in the SM version is not as thin as it used to be and should be fine in Jacksonville Florida. 4. Good plan changing early and with dino oil! I'd do 3000 mile changes with the Havoline till 6500 and then M1 all the way.
Try Pennzoil Platinum, my Truck's engine likes it better than M1. Good luck out there...
I just took delivery of a 06 Tundra 2 weeks ago. I like this truck a bunch so far. One of the reasons I got this truck with the 4.7 is the very good UOAs posted from this motor. I do not see a reason to add extra oil additives to this motor myself based on UOAs. You should know Toyota does not recommend extra oil additives. Doing so may jeopardize the warranty should any issues come up. I would rather not give a dealer any ammo to use against me should a problem come up. I plan on doing a OC at 1000 miles than 2000 miles more using Toyota oil filters and Chevron/Havoline or Motorcraft 5w 30 myself. More or less to flush break in debris out.
Just put motor oil innit. Goodness sakes, it's brand spankin new. Run it for 500 miles, dump the factory fill and fill it up with the reccomended weight of Havoline. Run that a few thousnad and start your 5k intervals.
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