I need your advise

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Aug 5, 2003
Toronto - Canada
I have a new car 2004 Acura-TSX and I am planning to keep the car for a long time. I don't drive that much on the car 500 Km a month on average and its not a HW driven most of the time is stop and go (short trips). What is the best Oil in this case to buy? How often should I change oil? Do you recommend using synthetic oil in my case? According to my manual I need to change oil every 4 months (sever weather). I appreciate your feed back.
Nice car, congrats. Scan over some older posts to get a "feel" for what you may need. I could tell you what I would do, and so could others, and you'd have umpteen different suggestions. But I believe that engine is an aluminum block, is it DOHC? Are the cam(s) gear driven? Since it's an Acura, what does the book say? Probably 5W-20 like the rest of the Honda's. I too am still deciding which oil to stick religiously with. Have done UOA's on two different oils from an 02 V6 Accord and have gotten really good results with dino oil. But in your case, with winter approaching and not a lot of driving, I'd be leaning towards a full synthetic, like Mobil 1 5W-30. Your problem will not be oil shearing, but starting and stoping and I think synthetic is the way to go on that route.
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