i need a therapist

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Jul 4, 2003
San Antonio, TX
I don't have confidence in my oil. I'm afraid it can't save my truck from this heat. Today I was watching the motor while I was trying to jump start my other car. There were heat waves rising up from the motor and the fan clutch was engaging and disengaging. The temp gage stayed in the same spot as always, but I gave up trying to start the other one anyways.

Can the Motorcraft 10w30 stand up to this heat? If not, tell me one that will put my mind at ease.
Thanks, Joe
Is your cooling system in good shape? Flushed in the last two years?

What vehicle and engine combo?

How old is the vehicle? Is the engine sludged? Deposits can make it run hotter. Maybe an Auto-Rx treatment would help too (I start mine tonight).

Texas. You should be able to run 15w40 year round.

Also, not sure, but the heat waves may be more or less normal.

Don't know anything about Motorcraft 10w30.

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Yes the heat here has been oppressive the last couple of days. We may see a break here in about 4-6 days, hopefully. I personally try to use a heavier oil, although I think your oil should be ok. You were probably stressing it a little more than normal, due to trying to start the other vehicle. Since the temp guage never went higher than normal, I think everything is working right in your truck. Having the hood open allows some of the heat (heat waves) to escape, so it was probably better than being stuck in traffic. I try to open the hood on my vehicles when I stop, for gas or even when I stop at the house, to let out some of the heat.

In short, maybe a heavier weight would be better for you. I use a 15W-40 year around in all my vehicles.
Wouldn't a havier viscosity just raise the temperature even more?

You would get a higher oil pressure but probably less oil volume being pumped through the engine.
Joe, you see you don't need a therapist, everyone else would have been just as concerned as you! And yeah, if you are worried, just go with a good synthetic, if you don't want to spend too much, I'd actually recommend Castrol Syntec 10W-40, its a light 40wt that should do the job well in applications calling for a xW-30 where the temps are a bit higher
The cooling system is responsible for keeping engine temps in check. Not the oil. This is a secondary function of the oil. ie. if you cooling system is having problems, it doesn't matter what oil you have in there.

The only way to tell if your oil is withstanding the temps is if you are having consumption (especially when excessive) and or sludge/varnish deposits concurrent with consumption.
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