I need a Glideslope for my Garage

Why is it so imperative to be so extremely exact rather than just appropriately parked in the garage? Does this extremism in detail extend to everything in life?
I like this, but one could be an inch or two left/right.

I think some 2x4's screwed into the floor, or short bumpers like used in those car washes, would do the trick. Something that would "guide" the wheels in. Long rails down the length of the garage, with one stop at the end, that you stop at, when you feel the bump.

Or you live with close enough. I mean, as long as the car doors open, and the garage door closes, and nothing got hit while parking or leaving, just how bad is it?

Will say, you've come to the right site if this is an issue that needs solving...
There ought to be some kind of product on the market that will help you park your car in the garage STRAIGHT. Some mirrors and laser beams or something. I want the car exactly centered in the middle of the garage and completely square with the four walls. My neighbors think I'm nuts because I'll get out of the car and walk to the front of the garage to eyeball the front of the car 4 or 5 times before I settle on what I perceive to be straight and square.
Skill. Ever wonder how people can dock semis with 6 inches of clearance on either side?
I back in also and use the passenger-sire mirror to be my primary guide. I can gauge how far I am from the doorframe on that side super easily. And I have a wooden pallet on the floor at the back of the garage.... When my rear tire contacts it, I am done. It only takes one move, and it's most likely within an inch or two every time. Super easy.
I was too lazy to hang a tennis ball from the ceiling--would have to get out a ladder, hang the ball, locate the car, line up a few times, etc etc etc.

I found a 1' square piece of pressboard, and I had a 1"x"1" 4' long piece of wood that I rip-cut from some project. One wood screw later I had a stanchion. I set that a foot or two from my work bench. I pull in, when I see it start to bend over or move, I stop.

When I get lined up, I pay attention and get as straight as I can before I get to the garage, that helps. Then just watch the mirrors, would hate to clip one.

Wife's car has one of those backup cameras, boy does that make it easy to back in... I pull in, my car is farthest from the door into the house, so it's shorter distance to walk if I pull in (see note above about laziness).
Some of you missed the part where he said it had to be square with all four walls . Tennis ball won't help that .
Maybe consult an automatic car wash manufacturer. They might design and build a chain driven system with guide rails for you....if you pay them enough.
At the fire department we have painted lines on the floor as a guide.
Never really saw the need though.
Our THW* local chapter does the same. If you have more vehicles than garage doors and want to have all vehicle doors and lockers accessible while parked, and you want your vehicles to get out as fast as possible in case of an alarm, you need to figure out a system which truck goes where and you need to strictly adhere to it. For some of our vehicles, it'a a matter of +/-20cm whether you can get the next vehicle out of the door without moving other equipment first or not. Trucks are also on trickle chargers, with the power cords coming down from the ceiling (so as not to get damaged by being rolled over by exiting vehicles). Impossible without floor markings.

*German equivalent to FEMA task force, but on a volunteer basis and on steroids (90.000 personnel in 864 local chapters)
Skill. Ever wonder how people can dock semis with 6 inches of clearance on either side?

As a former semi driver, I have observed rookie drivers being really good at docking, and experienced drivers that couldn't find the dock with many tries. You either develop the ability or might continue to struggle with it sometimes. People who are realize they could use some help from time to time, are smart.

The driver who taught me the most about driving (semis) had decades of experience, but freely admitted that there were days when he could not find the dock.

So when someone would like to use a hanging tennis ball, mark on the floor, or a laser light, or whatever - good. As far as I'm concerned, they are wise.
I have used a tennis ball on a string for years. I don't really need it, but my wife does. I park the vehicle where it needs to be, set the tennis ball so it lines up with the registration sticker on the bottom drivers side and it is good to go. Wife has never had an issue with it.
A single ball will not get it perfectly straight, but will keep you from hitting the wall in front and close enough as far as how far from the walls you are.

Just set this up in my sisters garage since she is parking in a garage for the first time in her 60 year life. She said it was super simple to do and has no issues with it.

Some of you missed the part where he said it had to be square with all four walls . Tennis ball won't help that .
Use 2 tennis balls.
If they both touch the vehicle at the same spot every time, it will be how he wants it.
If backing in, get vehicle "perfect", and the set the balls so they are each just touching the mirrors. That would put them in the exact same place each time.

But then his OCD would probably have issues with balls hanging from the ceiling...
I use the tennis ball to line up my vehicles, first park the car where you want it then mount the tennis ball, have mine lined up with the steering wheel.
Use a hand grenade on a string. They have that metal “ring” that is so handy to tie your string on to. Won’t find that on a tennis ball.
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There’s a video making the rounds of the President backing his Corvette into his garage. He’s 80 and doesn’t seem to have any problem doing it. Admittedly, he does have several cardboard boxes along side of it that might soften the impact if he gets too close to the walls. You might consider watching that video.….You’re welcome!