I like Valvoline All Climate!

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Feb 21, 2004
There I said it. Why is Valvoline thought of to be such a weak and inferior oil? I know people say it has a weak additive package that is missing a few things but what exactly. Also people with UOA's have shown some pretty good results using All Climate. What about all the people that say they have used All Climate their whole vehicles life and have 200,000 or 250,000 miles on the engine and upon teardown have found it very clean with no sludge or varnish. Anyway what does everyone think of Valvoline All Climate? Personally I think that yeah its additive package doesn't look stellar but it has good UOA's and a pretty good reputation. What do you think?
210k miles on an engine with no repairs. 65%+ was using Valvoline the rest Castrol.
I like the All Climate too and have used it a lot in the past. But like most here on BITOG I enjoy looking at what different oils have and how they do. I really don't think there is a bad oil on the market today for a major company.
There is nothing about valvoline that will harm your engine. There are 300+ vehicles where I work, and they are run about as hard as you can imagine. They are run on QS and valvoline. They typically make it to 200k between rebuilds. But there are oils that are "built" better, for the same cost or less.........that is why valvoline isn't held in high regard here.......but then......we are a little warped when it comes to oil.
Correct, nothing wrong with the All Climate, just there are better buys for the same price (or less) that have more to offer. I've run All climate in a large group of vehicles and never had a problem, but I always did 3000 mile changes. Now, I use oil that generally costs less and nets em oil changes over twice as long...
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