I like potatoes!

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Who doesn't?

fried, baked, boiled, bbq,..

There's more kinds of potatoes than you can shake a stick at, hundreds.

Isn't vodka made from potatoes?
Hey Guys, I love potatoes!

A Michigan Potato Farmer, is called a "Hill Bill".

It's in the Dictionary. You can win a Bar Bet, or two with this little known fact.
get some imports, and grow your own.

A couple of tyres, a bag of potting mix, then add mulch as the plants grow.
My wife does the food shopping and most of the cooking. She buys Yukon golds. They are ok for mashed, but for anything else , I prefer good ole ME or PEI spuds. When I worked nights at the shipyard, Joey the rigger used to bring in shopping bags of spuds that were too small to sell. We rigged up a strip htr in a metal tool box for an oven. A couple of those fresh from the oven, really hit the spot on cold winter night.
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