I just got thrown out of a dealer here!!!

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
My mom's car had an oil leak so I went to the local dealer to get the seal. Took the car apart today and they sold me the wrong seal. So I took it back in hopes of getting the right seal which they can't even get. So I asked them to refund me my $$$ for the wrong part. They charged me a restocking fee! A restocking fee on the wrong part that they sold me. I told the cashier that was not acceptable since it was the wrong part they sold. She said "Thats our policy" and turned and walked away! At this point I lost my cool.I mumbled a few things about her and headed to the managers office to get this straightened out. He found me in the showroom before I got to him. He got in my face, told me to (insert word here) leave and never come back. I told him that I wasn't leaving untill I got a full refund for the wrong part they sold me. He got in my face again and told me that I was not going to get the restocking fee back and for me to (more cuss words) leave. At this point were toe to toe and I saw 2 salesmen heading my way so being out numbered I headed for the door. On my way out I let every costomer in the place know how I felt about there return policy. I don't usually lose my cool but this just irked me. It's not the $$ so much but the principal of them keeping my $$ when they sold me the wrong part to begin with. It's a good thing that the other salesmen showed up or I might have strangled the manager with his tie LOL Hopfully they lost a sale after witnessing how I was treated.
bad bad service. honey draws more flies than vinegar though. always try not to escalate emotions etc. i try to do that in my job this last week has been tough dealing with insults from uneducated people thinking they have engineering degrees.
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And was there any way to get this part (seal) from AutoZone, Pepboys, CSK.....etc, etc ?? I avoid the dealership at all cost.
Nope I can't find it anywhere.... Not even the dealer.
I avoid dealers as well. My dealer sold me the wrong transmission cooling lines for a Dodge Ram and they charged me a restocking fee since it was "special order".. even if it was their own dang fault.
I would share your experiences by sending a letter to your local newspaper, contacting whatever manufacturer they are 'representing', and complaining to the local trade office.
Here in NY I'd report them to the consumer protection section of the attorney general's office, the Better Business Bureau, and I'd write to the local paper that publishes this sort of consumer run a around. For that matter, I'd report them to the car manufacturer. Maybe the local TV station might have a consumer protection segment too. What idiots! They charge you $10 or so and lose tons of future money if they had just treated you like they would like to be treated themselves.
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I would do all the above + get a pole with a big sign and spend a few weekends out in front of the dealership protesting!
In addition, write them a letter stating you'll be telling each and every customer who's car you work on that the dealer ripped you off. You'd be surprised how far you can take things like this and get even. File a complaint with the BBB (in fact, do some research to see if they've ripped other people off - more ammo), conact local media, especially if you can dig up some dirt on them and if they have a poor BBB rating, write a letter to the attorney general, and write the dealer a letter. That is unacceptable business practices.
I either would`ve knocked his teeth down his throat or punched the glass out of their nicest car on the lot.
That is some seriously poor customer service. Whatever the restocking fee, it was probably worth it if it keeps you from ever going back there.
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