I just can't bring myself to get rid of old pressure tank.

Mar 3, 2022
Many years ago I put in a Flotec Pressure Tank, In part I purchased it because it has a replaceable bladder. 15 years later you cannot find the replacement bladders and it seems people were having trouble finding them even 10 years ago. One year ago today I put in a new pressure tank.

I kept the Flotec hoping I could find a replacement bladder and I was going to add it to my current system thus having a backup tank and more capacity. I have given up on doing so, I do not believe bladders are available. So now I have this 16 year old tank in perfect condition minus the bad bladder and I just cannot bring myself to set it out for scrap. The paint is still perfect, everything about it looks brand new. This was not in a damp crawlspace and it shows.

I have bargained with myself that I will remove the Union from it and scrap it, but I just cannot bring myself to bring it up out of the basement.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can repurpose the old pressure tank? I thought about making it an air tank, though surely there is something that can be done with it besides that.
Depending on the size,

A smoker or a grill.

A fire pit.

Emergency water storage.

Lots of possibilities.