I hope ToyotanSaturn is alright

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
He's sitting underneath a big tornado outbreak. I'm looking at the radar right now for Spring Hill Tennessee. No indication of any circulation over Spring Hill, but all around and to the northeast, large damaging tornadoes with extensive damage have been confirmed. http://www.srh.weather.gov/ohx/
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A good friend of mine is in the area and there were houses taken out a couple of miles from his place so scary stuff.
Hi there, I'm alive... Thank you for the concern! We had many of our workforce huddle in the hallways as a precaution. Luckily, it missed our area of Spring Hill. Some NASTY storms moved through 3x in the last 12 hours or so, but no large sized hail nor tornadoes. Seems like much of the really bad stuff moves just east of us as the terrain is more flat than the generally hilly area where most of the built-up area of town is at. The first line of storms that hit early this morning killed some folks in Arkansas last night. Thankfully, those storms, while LOUD and obnoxious, didn't hurt anyone as they lessened in intensity & they didn't wake up the kids at all. Amazing. It's been a long day fighting just about everything. Still, I'm thankful that everyone & everything in my sphere of the world is OK. All in all, it's been a Good Friday. 3 years ago, it was even worse (believe it or not): 56K warning, JPG's are 725K Hail - April 7-2006 pic 1 Hail - April 7-2006 pic 2 Hail - April 7-2006 pic 3
My wife graduated from Middle TN State University. the area that got hit is about 15 miles from my place.
I toured the tornado route through my area of NE AL this afternoon. It was pretty bad. There were several very nice lake homes that were completely shredded by a tornado. I also say a trailer that was split down the middle by a big pine tree. I don't think anyone was killed in the AL storms, so that's a bright spot.
The amount of damage is approaches unbelief. The local news channels shows the seemingly never ending array of homes that were ruined or damaged. From the radar, it looked like AL got the worst of it as the storms seemed more intense down south. Also amazing is how much damage and how few lives were taken. Without good reporting and distant early warning (ok, another Rush reference) systems to alert folks, things could have been much worse.
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"Traffic camera, I-24 at Old Fort Parkway" from the above link, that video was in near real-time. It was eerie to watch the radar returns AND the tornado cross the Interstate at the same time. Those folks in that area got nailed.
Looks the nastiness was closer than I thought. This pic taken from another person in Spring Hill. From their explanation, this was no more than two miles from our residence. Thankfully, this wasn't some huge EF3 or EF4 tornado like the one on the east side of town that caused all the damage. Welcome to Spring Hill Mr. Tornado:
You have Tornado and we have Earth Quake and Wild Fire and Mud Slide. There were so may Tornado touch down but few life lost, thanks God.
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