I have taken the GC plunge

bfg9k, Hope the best for you and your new addiction. OriginHacker21, Why does someone hailing from "CA'Amsoil 5w30 HDD'" use GC Gold? Do you have some same-car comparisons of two oils?
I am running Amsoil because I am not someone who sticks with one brand for too long [Smile] Although I have a 30+qt of GC stashed I am going to do some Amsoil UOA testing vs GC. (Planning 10k OCIs). This is my first run of Amsoil so no UOA yet. I will post it as soon as I get it from backstone. Very very interested! I am just as curious as you guys how Amsoil will perform vs GC. I've done several runs of GC Gold with insane results @ 3k oci. Just for kicks I might change the Amsoil out at 3k to see it vs GC Gold and then start doing the 10k OCI comparison. What do you guys recommend? Sorry - missed the thread and didn't see the question earlier [Frown] . [Big Grin]