I have taken the GC plunge

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Feb 2, 2005
My Saab 9-5's turbo 4-cyl is getting filled with GC right now by the shop up the street. It's the M06 gold stuff. So long, M1 0w-40. [Big Grin]
bfg9k, Hope the best for you and your new addiction. OriginHacker21, Why does someone hailing from "CA'Amsoil 5w30 HDD'" use GC Gold? Do you have some same-car comparisons of two oils?
I am running Amsoil because I am not someone who sticks with one brand for too long [Smile] Although I have a 30+qt of GC stashed I am going to do some Amsoil UOA testing vs GC. (Planning 10k OCIs). This is my first run of Amsoil so no UOA yet. I will post it as soon as I get it from backstone. Very very interested! I am just as curious as you guys how Amsoil will perform vs GC. I've done several runs of GC Gold with insane results @ 3k oci. Just for kicks I might change the Amsoil out at 3k to see it vs GC Gold and then start doing the 10k OCI comparison. What do you guys recommend? Sorry - missed the thread and didn't see the question earlier [Frown] . [Big Grin]
Not open for further replies.