I have seen the light!! Errr,seen the GREEN

After reading the posts about GC I scoured the Auto Zones here in Buffalo,NY & came up with 9 qts of this magic elixer! 3 qts of 02 & 6 qts of 04 and there is plenty of 05 left in the stores plus I saw a case of 06. I have a 2001 Olds Alero (34,000 mi) with a 2.4L and have always used Supertech 5w/30 with no problems. Just before this winter I decided to try 5w/30 mobil 1 EP,My car ran rough & had minor motor noise with the mobil 1. I just did an oil change with 4 qts of the GC & the engine was running a LOT smoother & no more engine noise!!I am now a GC believer & thanks to the members of BITOG for the heads up on this oil.