I have gone over to the oil dark side!!!

Ok I picked up some Mobil TSUV 5W30(5 Quart jug ) and 0W40(5-1 quart bottles) for my Camry's oil needs. Well the next day I went to Walmart to price tires. I ended up leaveing with 3 three quart jugs of Power Service Disel Oil Extender. The oil extender had been marked down from $20 a jug to $7 a jug. Fast forward two weeks and once again I am at Walmart. i went in for dish soap, dish washing crystals, razors and Pur water filters. I ended up leaveing with three 1 gallon jugs of RTS 5W40 for $14 a gallon and a case of Tech 2000 Dino 10W30 for $14 a case. I just could not say no at those prices!!!! I know their are better products out their then RTS 5W40 and Power Service Disel Oil Extender. So any one want to chastise me for going over to the dark side now is your chance!!! The funiset thing is that just last week I planed on buying either two cases of Amsoil S3K or Synergen 3W30 LTS. How I strayed that far from my plan I have no idea?? I never though of oil or oil additives as impulse buy items!! Maybe Walmart needs to put a few quarts of motor oil with the candy and TV Guides at the register for us oil nuts??