I have a few questions about fuel, additives, etc

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Oct 3, 2012
Hey guys. I did try and search before asking this but didn't get anywhere with that, and thus my post. I have some random unrelated questions about fuel and additives.

1) I was reading up on top tier gas and had no clue there was even such a thing. I usually get my gas at Sams club or Caseys General store as their prices are the best. Near me are also a ton of Kum and Go's, Conocos and Phillips gas stations. The Kum and Go seem to be the only one that sells non ethanol fuel which I use for lawn care equipment, chainsaw, generator, etc. I have no clue who provides sams club or caseys fuel, how do I find out if it's decent? Which would be the best to use of the list above?

2) Seafoam - It doesn't take long reading BITOG to see that Techron is a favorite. I've used seafoam in my vehicles about 1-2 times a year to keep things running smooth. It has worked well for a long time but I wonder if I should use it compared to Techron. I have an older Honda Accord SE with 258,000 miles and I want to keep that guy going. SHould I switch? Same question for my Sequoia with 160,000. I'm wondering if using saefoam in the top end with the vacuum line would be of benefit? If it matters, about 90% of my driving is on highways and freeways. I live in the 45-70 MPH range.

3) This isn't a question but a comment. After reading on here I added a red bottle of transmission lubeguard to my Honda recently when I did 3 drain and fills. Wow, that combo smoothed out the transmission BIGTIME. I'm sure the new fluid alone would have been the most noticeable thing but it seemed even smoother than last time. Heres another vote for Lubeguard!

#2 That's personally up to you. If you like Seafoam and it works well for you then by all means keep using it! On the other hand it wouldn't hurt to try Techron and see if it helps you. Many people like it and it works. Personally I prefer Berryman B-12. Iv used it with good success. Iv had hard to start car, cars that would take 4-5 trys each time to start. After a tank or two with b12 iv noticed a great deal of improvement myself.
Best not to use any fuel additive but do switch between different brands of fuel from time to time to take advantage of different OEM additive packages. The OEM fuel additives have come a long way since 10% ethanol fuel was forced upon us.
Berryman B12
CRCs new One Tank Treatment
Gumout Regane

All good additives/treatments.
Just use them with care and not every fillup.
Berrysman B12 for long time ! I put a can in at the oil changes , use it in the Harley , ford truck and every thing else with a gas engine . It will keep the carbon out of the top end
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