I finally did it!!!! Now help me out here, please.

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Jun 21, 2004
Ok, so i went to canadian tire, because i needed an oil filter. so im walking down the oil section, and i see it, Mobil 1....4L for 24.95 Canadian. I sat their thinking...should i switch from Quakerstate, to Mobil 1. I looked at the jug I usually buy, the peak performance bottle for 9.95CAN, then look at the Mobil 1 bottle. I must have stood their for atleast 10 minutes, weighing the positives and negatives. I finally grabbed the Mobil 1, 10W30. A large grin overcame my face....**** was i happy. I was ****** though when i went to get a Mobile 1 filter.....their was none, so ill visit Walmart soon.

What i have as a question is this. I have a 99 Grand Prix with the 3800 series II engine, and no, unfortunatly shes not being blown. I do put about 13,000 km a year on her, but i dont know how long to keep the oil in? Should i just change it for the winter and summer? The car only sees city use only with relativly short trips, and the oil was changed every 5,000km to my knowledge before on dino oil(we bought her used with 45,000 and now she has 63,000km). Or should i just change the oil steadily every 5 months?

I need some opinions. Also, were do the Canadina on this board get theyre oil anaylsis` done, and how much is it?

Thanks Guy/Girls
Since, "the car only sees city use only with relativly short trips", I think that every 6 months is a better OCI.
Another vote for once-a-year changes.

You can stop your M1 filter search in Canada. They don't sell them here.

Wait till K&N filters go on sale in CT if you want high-end ones.
Just to be different, I'd say change it every 9 months. This way you get to see all 4 seasons from the vantage point of your drain plug.

You can stop your M1 filter search in Canada. They don't sell them here.

You know....it just doesnt make sense. i mean, honestly, you sell the oil, wouldnt it make common sense to sell the filter too?

thank-you for telling me though. Do you know if we can get amsoil filters here in Canada?
Thnk-you for the person that also posted the wearcheck site, much appreciated
I forgot to ask. I need 4.7 litres of oil in my engine, but i only have a 4L jug of the 10w30 stuff. What weight should the other 1 litre i need to buy be? I already bought a one litre of 10w30, but i can always return it for something else. Any suggestions?

Do you know if we can get amsoil filters here in Canada?

Yes, either order direct through their website or through one of the Canadian Amsoil dealers here on the forum. I pay about $10 each with my preferred customer discount for the SDF-15(equivalent to Fram PH8A or Ford FL1A)
Roman. Are you sure your 3800 takes
4.7 litres of oil? One of my cars is
a 97 Buick Regal with the same engine.
The capacity is 4.3 litres.
I'm going to assume your in Canada. Just to be safe I would do the following and not even think twice about it and live long and prosper....
Change it twice. Go with 10W-30 for the summer months and then drop down to 5W-30 in the winter months. That's what I do with my 3.3, which is the cousin of the 3.8. However, you "summers" aren't really brutal like they are down here. You could just go 5W-30 twice a year or maybe add 2 quarts of 10W-30 with the 5W-30 for the summer change, just to thicken in up some and get the HTHS numbers a boost.
Hmmm, My 2000 Regal only holds 4.3L Max. with standard filter, thus a 5 qt. jug usually got me through an oci with M1. The other .45L was needed for top up on the 10W-30.

Yours must have a bigger sump, but I wouldn't think so.
i usually can fit a little more than 4.5 Litres, so i assume 4.7, that or i think i measure inaccuractly, and am actually pouring in 4.3......which i think i might be.

What filter do you guys recommend? A wix filter (the quakerstate one), napa filter, acdelco filter, or amsoil filter?
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