I did the Auto Rx treatments wrong! So, which dino oil for my trip to Cali?

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Apr 17, 2003
Wimberley, Texas
Emailed Frank since I went straight to Redline after the 2nd 12oz treatment and I wondered if this was ok.It was not.So he says I will be in rinse mode for 6000 miles(two 3000 mile oil changes).The Redline will have gone about 3000 miles so I am not too disappointed.But I already have the fresh Red Line waiting for the trip, guess I will use it some other time.

So which Dino oil should I use for my trip to southern California?

I have thought of Chevron,Pennzoil,Castrol,and Schaeffers Micron Moly.I know there are others. What do you guys think? Viscosity will probably be 10w30 or maybe not.

My 627 mile oil analysis with Chevron 10w30 showed it had thinned down quite a bit.Only 627 miles! Maybe I won't do Chevron again.That was not hard driving either(It was the first Auto rx treat though so maybe that thinned it down).I still have the report if you guys want to see it.The trip to Cali would be much worse on that oil though!

Thanks for your continued help!
I was undeer the impression that Chevron and Penzoil used the same base stock? If that is the case then they will each thin out equaly. Seeing how it is warm out and you have a long road trip why not go with Delvac 1300, Delo, or Pens Long life in 15W40. THis will ease your mond about too much tinning out of grade, will give excellent deposit control and a good film thickness. Dumb it after your 1500 miles are up or when trip is done and but your Redline in.
Anything you do will be fine. 10W-30 instead of the 5W-30 for Chevron/motorcraft/Chevron. As was mentioned you could go with JohnBrowning's suggestion.

Personally-if I were going with the Redline-I would bite the bullet and put it in now and get the extra protection in the Summer heat. You are going less than 3K miles right? And so what if you go further. I just think you'll feel better with the good stuff in there. Also I really think changing too many different oils especially when one is all ester could cause a seal leak. (I know that's remote)
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