I cant pick an oil?

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Jan 26, 2004
I've been running M1 5w30 in my 4x4 2003 Tacoma.
I've also used toyota brand dino and pennzoil.
I'm happy with the mobil 1 but have been reading bad uoa and other reports about poor quality. The
amsoil site shows poor wear numbers, while dino havoline showed great wear second only to amsoil.
I cant spend the money on amsoil but want the best oil for my truck mainly dino oils. What oil should I use for 5,000 mile changes? I want to pick one and stay with it, so any opinion is very helpful. Thank you
The M1 5W30 will do just fine as will the Pennz and Havoline for 5000 OCI's. If you like the M1 just stick to it, it's good stuff, that's why everyone wants to compare their oil to it.
M1 is good, but a waste at only 5000 miles oci. I'd stay with M1 at 6 MONTH intervals, or use a more economic oil at your 5000-6000 mile interval, like $2q Syntec Blend 5w-30. It has some great UOAs.
SB 10w-40 even meets ACEA A3 specs! A cheaper price of $10/5q makes it more likely that you will stick with your oil choice. At $2q you can stock-up.

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If you're looking for a good dino oils which can go 5k miles my personal choices for this car would be (no specific order):

10w-30 Chevron (5W-30 seems to shear down a little bit)

10W-30 Mobil Drive Clean

10W-30 Mobil Drive Clean Blend

If you want synthetics, but want to safe some money 10W-30 SuperTech Synthetic from Wal-Mart should be fine.

I hope this helps.
My two big brands are castrol gtx or mobil1 but
the moly rating on mobil 1 and the iron in uoa
change all the time like the oil is not made the same everytime.
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