I ate horse, didn't know it till after.

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Jun 11, 2004
I tried horse meat done up in jerky other day, excellent meat. In Fort Macloud, Alberta, Canada there is a horse processing plant. Horses apparently grain fed and Governmnent inspected. Meat is half price and very lean and healty for those health minded people. Apparently horses are a very clean animal. Prices are half price of beef. I understand most people have eaten horse in restaurants at some point in thier life and not know it, very common pratice years back to serve horse meat as veal cuttlets and other dishes. Might try a horse steak on the bar b que, I never knew the jerky was horse until told later. I guess this meat is lean like wild meat. Cyprs
hmm.. In Japan and Korea, its a Delicassie. Its expensive as **** and you eat it raw. I swear , its like no fat.
I can't stand the smell of raw horse meat. It is sickly sweet and really makes me heave. The only way I would (knowingly) eat it would be under extreme duress.
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