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Oct 17, 2002
About what I have been reading here dealing with engine longevity. I have a 2k3 Durango with the 4.7 liter motor. I want the best oil for it, but I am not sure which way to go for this motor. I have 5w-30 in it now but I would like to go to a 0w-40 or 5w-40 weight oil. I am planning on getting about 300,000 miles out of this engine before I consider getting another vehicle(besides my Audi).
Would I be better off using a 0w-40 (M1 of course) oil year round or a 5w-40? Thanks in advance and I will let the oil masters speak now.
Must be listening to the thicker is better crowd. I would stick to manufacturer recommendation unless you have a problem with consumption or sludging. I would also prefer a 10w30 over the summer months. If you really want to get to 300k miles, then you need to do the UOA periodically to know what's going on in the engine such that any problems can be dealt with on a timely basis.
Thicker oil doesn't necessary means better performance/longer life.

You shall seriously consider how "shear resistent" the oil you use, and resort to using the correct grade/weight of oil per manufacturer's recommendation (they have their legal liabilities to adhere to if they recommend you the wrong grade of engine oil you know).
Sorry, I have been away for work for awhile. I use M1 5w-30 right now. That is what the manual says. In my Audi I use the M1 T&S which is 5w-40 recommended by Audi. I want the extra protection that the 40 weights seem to offer. Would it be a bad idea to use the extra protection during the summer months? I drive 90 miles round trip per day on the highway so I figured that the 40 weight would give me that extra protection.
My 4K Colorado 4X4 is about to encounter it's first taste of 5 quarts of MI 5W-30 and 1 quart of M-I 15W-50 beefstock with a non-ADBV AC Delco PF-61 oil filter. Plan to change it again at 9K... then run it at 8K OCIs. If I'm unsatisfied with M-1 after two OCIs, it'll be in the history books & replaced with German Castrol 0W-30.... if that's the only weight available then.
JohnnyO: That is exactly what I am doing now. I use M1 5w-30 and Amsoil filters. I change out at every 5k miles. I was just making sure that the 40 wt. was not a better choice for engine longevity. I am not concerned with the mileage, I want protection for my power plant!
I am currently in a similar position.
I am using M1, 0w-40 in two applications where the manufacturer clearly states that *w-40 is the weight to be used.

However I am having oil consumption on both motors ( under 30,000 kms ) and am considering changing to a 5w-40. Less spread and in a relatively warm climate I should be OK.

At 32°F, both these oils are close in thickness I believe.
For peace of mind (or piece of mind if you're Hanibal Lector) ..why not do a UOA on your current M1 selection? If the UOA shows that it's holding up fine over your OCI and nothing looks out of whack ..fine ...you're done and live your life in calm, peaceful, bliss. If however you see something that shows that the oil is not up to the service duty that you subject it to, then consider your options. That may or may not mean going to a 40 weight.

Originally posted by Gary Allan:
why not do a UOA on your current M1 selection?...That may or may not mean going to a 40 weight.

True, I forgot to mention that. Get a UOA with M1 5w-30 and one with the 0w-40 or 5w-40 Truck & SUV (or both), and see how they compare.

Apples and oranges maybe, but on my 4.0 SOHC Ranger I got a better UOA with the 5w-30 M1 than the 0w-30. Lends credence (to me anyway) to the idea of using what weight the manufacturer recommends.
Nothing to worry about with the 4.7L. As long as you don't do city driving on dino oil for 6K miles like someone noted in the other thread.

Originally posted by 427Z06:
What does the owner's manual recommend for your 2k3 Durango with the 4.7 liter motor?

LOL! If it's sold in America, was manufactured after 1995, it would a strange animal if it didn't "recommend" 5w-30 or Xw-20. Doesn't mean much to me. I run 40 and 50 weights in my little 4-cylinder Saturn, 210,000 miles and counting, no appreciable hit in MPG. A Durango can certainly run the same oils, no problem. When it comes to oil, you may as well rip out the pages that talk about recommended oil weight and use 'em for scribble paper: the motivation certainly isn't engine longevity.

My Canon camera tells me to only use Canon batteries ... my Sony camcorder tells me only to use Sony batteries ... Duracell tells me not to mix Duracell with non-Duracell batteries: there are all sorts of "manufacturer recommendations" that have nothing to do with reality or logic. That's why they're called recommnedations, and not requirements.
Yeah, the WARRANTY !! I will stick with my 5w-30 for now since that is in the manual. Probably would be better anyway.
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