I almost cracked.....

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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
OK, so my 4.3 base PU truck has nearly 10k on the gold GC and I am waiting for the OLM to pop and call for an oil change. I got so nervous I started getting everything together to do an oil change. Right before starting I decided to take a close look at the oil on the dipstick. Studying it on a white paper towel made me realize that the GC is no where close to being wrecked - he-ll it's only brown at 9900 miles! I guess I'm still used to the M1; at 9900 miles that stuff would be crude oil again! So I fold up my little tent and wait patiently for the OLM.
CONGRATS on a great run with the Elixer! I like the mental image of you folding up your little tent and waiting patiently for the OLM...kind of like a little guy waiting patiently for Santa...
Hats off to you double! I have cracked 3 times now at 3,000 miles with my GC and even sent in UOAs with TBN. The UOAs were so good I could have just poured new oil in and gotten the same UOA as a VOA at 3,000 miles. This oil is great stuff! I'm gritting my teeth with Amsoil and I'm only at 2,090 miles!
dv, another congrats! Takes a lot of courage to not dump oil so "soon". But, armed with facts (that G.C. is THAT good), I bet you're not worried about long OCI's at all...

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...But, armed with facts (that G.C. is THAT good),...

And for those that are not convinced that the Elixer is THAT good, you need to read both of Terry's comments here
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