I-40, smokey's, rain...etc

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
(the first 2 were taken thru the windshield of our Elantra...so it's not very clear ) on I-40, with the smokey's in background:  - ....the rain on the winding part of i-40 near TN/NC border took away some of the usual fun I have driving in that part:  - My wife taking a photo of a "runaway truck ramp" ...and of herself [Smile]  -
They don't call them Smoky Mountains without good reason! [Smile] I've always liked road pictures. They capture something usually fleeting. I have a few nice ones from driving into and out of rainstorms.
That human has some sort of electro-mechanical contraption attached to their head. Bizarre.
Nice pics. I rode my bike from downtown Gatlinburg up to Clingman's Dome back in the Spring. I love the Smokey Mtn's. I'm begging my wife for a weekend trip soon. I want to do that bike ride again!........and spend time with the wife, o/c.
yeah its my third home.. we go camp and fly fish for trout and smallies... i love the NC mtns. too bad developers are phucking it up so fast and so bad you wont be able to recognize it 15 years from now
thanks guys...we'll be doing this trip soon again... this thread resurrected one year + 2 mo after original post date... cool.
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