Hyundai Sonata 1991 (V6)

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Apr 16, 2003
East Orange , New Jersey U.S.A
I drive a 1991 hyundai sonata v6 and now it has started to burn oil so I've been told . Right now I am usuing a 20/50 and this has reduced the knocking but not eliminating it . Would anyone happen to have any advice thanks in advance .
Engine knock? Pinging? I thought that has to do with insufficient fuel octane or your cylinders need to be decarbonised.

What's the mileage on your sonata?
If you have rod knocking and excessive oil consumption, it sounds like that old Mitsubishi design SOHC V6 is pretty tired. Twelve years with that car, you've at least managed to drive the original value out of it since they did not hold trade-in value well at all. That motor wasn't one of Mitsubishi's best efforts, and Hyundai's less than sterling QC as a licensed builder back then didn't help matters any. If you find it expedient to continue with that car and don't want to go to the expense of a rebuild, keep feeding it 20W-50 every 3000 miles and drive it conservatively. Make its final miles easy miles. You could wring another year or two out of it.

I'm not flaming, and I'm not anti-Hyundai - I had a 91 Sonata V6, too, and I just bought a 2003 Sonata V6 last December. The difference is like night and day! The Hyundai design 2.7 liter aluminum DOHC V6 motor is a sweetie-pie! The oil filters are still easy to get at, too...
You're to the stage where something like Restore or even a viscosity improver like STP might squeeze out a few more miles. If the rest of the car is OK you might want to check out a used engine in a data base like

I note that there's 15 Sonata engines in New Jersey, about $600 on average.

The worst engine I ever had was a Mitsu 3.0 in a Dodge Caravan. At least in the Chrysler variant they all went through valve guides at about 100K, although the lower engine wasn't all that bad.

I'd just run the car into the ground, something else might crap out by the time the engine really beats the dust.

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Thanks for your help . I will be getting another car shortly possibly a 2004 maxima or a altima v6 . I think these 2 cars offer a lot of power and luxury features for the money . But don't know what the history could be being there both new redesigned models .
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