Hyundai parts experts please help?


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Oct 7, 2012
Staten Island, NY
I've been conscripted to install a pair of Monroe quick struts into the front of a 2011 Sonata
But he wants me to get new sway bar links, because the less than one year old aftermarket ones are already clunking
So I thought I'd buy genuine right :unsure:
I put the VIN number and everything


There's two sets of part numbers, and the aftermarket catalog is a mess too
From what I gather, these OEM numbers cross to two distinctly different aftermarket units
Luckily RockAuto sells Hyundai parts at a fair price, but I need to buy the right ones
And does Hyundai include nuts on their parts sway bar links?
It's a 2011 Sonata, automatic, 2.4 GLS, 16" alloys
Thanks for your help in advance
These front struts are pretty standard in and out affair right?
Feb 19, 2007
Well, I'm the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Hyundai vehicles, but in looking the parts up on the DRiV (formerly Federal Mogul) website to see what Moog has to offer, it looks like there are 2 different links for the right front and left front links and the difference is the distance between the studs on the ends of the links. One set is longer than the other by about an inch and quarter.

The longer link set part numbers are - LF K750436 and RF K750437.

The shorter link set part numbers are - LF K750611 and RF L750610.

The rear links are the same independent of the long or short front set - K750603

Since these are the K series Problem Solver parts, they should be at least equivalent of the OEM parts.

Good Luck!
Aug 14, 2021
I’m only seeing these 3R000 version on this online dealer website. (I’ve used this online dealer before).

Not sure but maybe the other part number is for “sport suspension”, the ones below are without it. (The “without sport suspension” are the slightly shorter ones)


Monroe Quick Struts are ok, better if the strut has a Sachs label on it like the Monroe’s I got for my older Kia Soul. But Rock Auto also has Mando, they’re an OE Manufacturer for Hyundai/Kia and priced less than the Monroe’s.

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