Hyundai oil filter!!

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Nov 14, 2008
So my brother used to have a 2002 Elantra and now my dad has a 2007 Tucson. About every 2-3 oil changes I get a hold of the vehicles and do it myself, the other times it is taken to random quick lube places. I always use Purolator filters on Hyundais since they are readily available and of good quality. However they always seem to be a different size than what I remove. Here is an example.

The used filter is from VIOC and had the smallest media I have ever seen! It is barely over 1" high. I thought it was a Champ labs filter looking at the base plate, but when I chopped it open, it looks like a purolator to me.

Any input? BTW, the used filter had 8k miles on Valvoline bulk!



Have you cut any Purolators open lately? They have a lot less media now than in the past. Media quality is tough to access.
sure looks like it. the pleats used to be much closer together on the L-series. probably hasn't changed on the pureone. why not get a wix for like $1-2 more? they are consistent.
VO-54 is the equivalent of a Fram PH6607. I think many of the newer Nissan vehicles use this filter.

Purolator recommends the L14459 for the Tuscon, but this filter is shared with many other vehicles. Fram now makes a filter that is more tailored towards Hyundai applications. It has a relief valve pressure of 9-15 psi as opposed to 12-15psi for the Purolator.

And 8k on dino is no big deal, 7500 miles is the recommended interval.
For Hyundai oil filters, part number 26300-35502, I buy by the half-dozen from RockAuto. The last batch I bought were priced at $.99 each. The filters are Nippon brand, made in Korea, and they are identical to the filters you buy at the Hyundai dealership judging by disection.

I've used other aftermarket filters but they are so cheaply made in comparison that I don't even fool with them anymore unless I'm in a bind.
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