Hype behind Shell Rotella T6?

Diesel engine oil is all my dad and I have ever run in our 4 stroke bikes. I work Sundays at a bike, atv, pwc repair shop, the house oil is diesel oil, unless the customer specifically asks for something else in their bike or atv.
Usually between 10 and 50 of these stacked up in the corner. Also we have 5w40, and 15w40 synthetic diesel oil we use. Yes we stock specialty bike oils, but maybe 1 in 5 people ask for those, usually want diesel spec oil.


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I've been using Rotella in metric bikes for 12 years. Honda CBR 600 F4i, CBR1000rr, and a Yamaha FZ1. I've noticed the t4 15w-40 seems to shift better in the bikes I've had than the t6 5w-40, but have put a ton of miles on with Rotella in the sump and it's all I will use.