Hydrotex Essentialube

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Jul 13, 2007
West Virginia
Oil and fuel additive. Really will break up hard deposits and clean ring packs. Heck of a fuel conditioner also.
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Maybe he is... "" part of an employee owned, progressive, nationwide, virtual organization. We are an extremely tech-savvy team and continue to push the envelope on cutting edge information technology, product development and high-touch customer service programs.""
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... ring packs ...
This is when I know it is going to get good. grin
Oh good lord people. I do not sell the product and could care less if you buy it. The post was made to be informative not offensive as you guys have taken it. The product has been around since 1946. It works for me that is all that matters. Buy what you please but at least allow posters to express or point to another product. Crazy
I believe that people should be allowed to discuss oil supplements they have tried. But I have never heard of this product. If it has been sold since 1946 I can't believe I have never heard of it. Understand that I am not doubting you or anything like that but I just have never heard of it. I have heard of some other products that have been around for a very long period of time. MMO has been around for several decades. And a Saturn dealership in Colorado Springs at one time encouraged people to buy (and they sold) a graphite friction reducer called Kerex or something like that. Wynn's used to sell a friction reducer also. I can think of a few other products that have been around for a long time but I just have never heard of this Hydrotex Essentialube.
Looking at their website in the careers section..every position open is an "independent contractor". That with the sales trip contests..sure looks like a MLM distribution model. They have an ESOP..but are a private company From a business report in 2000 the company was bought with some doctor money, a couple of others and a Mary Kay IT guy: Beasley and four other entrepreneurs recently purchased the 64-year-old Hydrotex from its publicly held parent, The Morgan Crucible Co. P.L.C. of Windsor, England. The five are confident, however, that they'll take the company from one that was fairly stuck in a steady state the past few years to one with aggressive growth over the next five years, says Beasley. One thing for sure, they don't have any capital to build out a traditional distribution/sales organization. I'm sure the top "independent contractors" get a pink Cadillac, which like MK, they pay for.
Wow, tough crowd. I do work for Hydrotex in the corporate side. Just to clear up some of the misconceptions; We are NOT a MLM distribution model. We do not require fees or capitol investments to join our sales force. Those in sales are truly independent contractors. Essentialube is a great product that has been around since 1946. It was one of the first lubricant products Hydrotex made after their focus began to switch from roofing materials to lubricants in the 1940's. Most have not heard of Hydrotex or Essentailube. Neitherhad I until I joined the company a few years back. Hydrotex focuses on B2B sales and does not have a consumer or store shelf presence. You will however find Hydrotex to many school bus fleets, nationwide food processing plants, US manufacturing plants, trucking fleets and farms. Find some of the older guys here on the forum, especially those who had farms in the 1970's and they will remember the Essentialube name. Hydrotex does not operate on a traditional distribution/sales organization model by design. As anyone on this board should know, lubricants are not cookie cutter. We have yearly training for our sales force along with offering Lubrication University programs for our customers. We are not product pushers, we are solution providers. Let me know if y'all have any other questions. Sorry for coming on and basically being a commercial. But the MLM comment drove me crazy. haha -John
For your information, That is one of the funniest snake oil sites I have seen this year, in fact it's better than the Gold additive one. Here is a summary of their products: Essentialube, Injector-Kleen, Librakleen, Power Kleen, Power Kleen Artic, BUT the real winner is BEAVER SPIT! Beaver spit data sheet: Beaver Spit Biodegradable Chain Bar Lube is an advanced bio-synthetic alternative to conventional petroleum or vegetable oil based chain and bar lubricants. Beaver Spit Biodegradable Chain Bar Lube surpasses the lubricity of conventional oils to prevent wear on the bar, chain blade and saw guide of high performance chain saws.
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Wow, tough crowd. I do work for Hydrotex in the corporate side.
It's about to get tougher if you're going to push a non sponsor product.
I am always looking for hidden gems and if this product was widely used by industry and on farms maybe it could be one of those hidden gems. But unless I found out a great deal more about it I would not use it. I think when it comes to oil supplements there are a few good products and a lot of junk. A person has to look carefully for the few hidden gems. Maybe we will all find out a great deal more about this product soon.
Nobody is pushing product here. For the uninformed there are a few specialty oil companies that are headquartered out of the Dallas Fort Worth area. Hydrotex, Texas Refinery Corporation, Lubrication Engineers and Primrose. They all produce high quality grease, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and other specialty products. They are B2B companies and do not advertise. They rely on lubrication consultants to move product to customers who have special needs and appreciate top tier products and not just the average commodity oil or grease you get from your distributor. They have been in business for many years and offer solutions to lubrication needs that normally can't be achieved with commodity brands. Their loyal customers appreciate the product they deliver. Their products are more expensive but the return on investment is evident. So bash away and make little school girls out of yourselves as evident in several posts. I use Hydrotex products in heavy equipment and have used Texas Refinery Corporation products also. Make fun if you wish, but know that you are completely uninformed.
I'm glad I found this conversation, I never knew about the product line until it was recommended to me by a development engineer at Parker/Racor today when I was inquiring about their Absolute Bypass Filters and my dirty engine and if their filters would hold up to Kreen and Berryman B12 Chemtool Flush's. I guess this product line is more industrialized.
I think I have used Power Kleen in my heating oil tank. I bought it at a plumbing supply house for the trade. Sorta like Chem tool for oil burners. Beaver Spit name is marketing. Crisco ?
The name sounds as if you might need to be over 18 and have a doctors prescription to be able to purchase it.
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I have 36-15oz bottles of Lubekleen if anyone is interested.
No thanks, I used Fairy Liquid and hot water to clean up any spilt Lube.
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