Hydrau XR

Feb 25, 2015
Sask, Canada
I have to pick up some more hydraulic oil for the John Deere 318G skid steer. I've powered a few attachments and of course one has the propensity to leak.

Now I'm no fan of of JD or their prices... for instance a 30$ oil filter made in the quangdong region of China. From what I gather its an ISO 46 synthetic oil with a low pour point and approx 10cst viscosity.

The closest alternative I can find locally is PetroCan Hydrex with 9cst. Not a big deal and I think both are -48C pour point.
How much is this going to save?
I found plenty on PC iso 46 hydrex AW cst 7?
cant seem to find a pds or data sheet on hydrex.

For me I'd have to be saving at least 25-30% to consider it.

Would you flush the system? these should both contain zinc but who wants to find out you made wrong decision?
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Thanks Rand, you make a good point. The Hydrex appears to contain zinc but the PDS for the hydrau is vague. It looks like I might have to get a pail of it regardless and after some reading, any incompatibility would create one heck of a mess.
A bit of an overdue update. Upon further reading, Hydrau is nothing more than a synthetic, zinc based AW46. Seeing as it had 500 hours left before it calls for a complete drain and fill (still in warranty) I ran some conventional, Canadian made AW46 in it. 60 hours of decent use since and it runs just fine. No foaming and no perceivable loss in performance.

Once I hit 1000 hours I will either use Hydrau XR or Hydrex with a filter change.