Hunting it down.

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May 8, 2005
Found 11 more GCs in Forest City, NC. I bought them out. Also on their shelves was GC M02 with the 502 rating and the black and red lable. They also had quite a bit of the M01. I didn't buy the M01, but I did buy the M02
. I don't know why because I only got 2 quarts and I don't know if "it's the good stuff or not" or whether mixing it with the others is ok.
BTW- it had been on sale over the weekend and they had forgotten to take down the sign on the shelve so I got it at a bargin.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the MO3/4 and the M02?
The M02 batches contain more iron in them than the M03 and M04. Some of the virgin analysis reports have shown as much as 9ppm of iron. With the M03 it's closer to normal, at 2-3ppm.
I'm in north dallas. I've only tried 6 stores, and found some at 2 of them. Need to do a and spend a day driving around
I've got around 30 qts or so right now.
I must have close to 80.

There should be a contest to see who gets the most. The winner gets $10k worth of performance mods.

I think there is some mis-info here at places on this thread and forum. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The best versions of the GC are the M03/M04. These also are the only ones that meet VW's 502 specifications, which are quite strict(amoung the 01,02,03,04's) that I have seen. I don't remember about the M05- the latest version I believe.
I didn't know about the M01/M02 high iron problem. I have a few M02, but I'm not going to worry to much about it.


What is a I do suppose it's a lookup of stores, but what does the yp stand for? The best stash I found of GC was around Royal Lane in West Dallas. I read somewhere that you could ask to see if they had any in the back of the store. And ya know, it never doned on me to ask... = (Yellow
Enter autozone and it will show you a list of stores ordered by distance. I've even walked into the back of the store with the employee to check the batch codes
I quit posting when I find GC and where I find it. For a while, I would post my accomplishments but then it seemed like I would have a harder time finding the GC. I guess I got paranoid, thinking I was helping others in my area figure out where to look for the stuff. I still hunt for it and find large batches of the stuff, but I'm not telling anymore.

Well...OK...the tough neighborhoods are the best. Particularly, tough towns are the best.

Anyone in N.Texas?

I hit the Garland stores. Lots of stuff there. Last count, I'm up to 57 qts.

I think this stuff is like Gold, and the thrill of the hunt is the icing on the cake.
Picked up about 18 more qts today. Acutally got 2/3qts of M02- don't know why. Have been seeing quite a bit of M01, but not buying it. However, more and more stores are stocking only the MO5 now.
Stash is approaching 100 qts now.
What so bad about M01/02 aside from the high iron? I just scored my first 4, M02x2/M03/M04. I may try looking for more.

Biggest score day to date. 43 quarts of the the GC. Most of it was M03 interestingly- cleaned them all out of the stuff.

Saw a lot of M05 at one store. Just of few M01/M02's (didn't buy any of either).

Well my supply is well over 100 of the magic green elixer. Just hope the stuff doesn't go bad.

I guess I'm done buying GC. On a side note. I put some 100 octane fuel in my APR programed Jetta and ran the race program on the way home. The GC had no effect on boost. Actually it was 1-2 pounds higher than normal on race program. I was worried the viscous nature of the oil would effect the turbo in some negative way.

To top it all off. Auto Zone has a program where if one buys $20 worth of stuff one gets 1 punch on a card with 5 punch outs. When the card is full one gets a $20 gift card. Well, I was able to talk all the stores into ringing up each purchase as 4 qts per purchase ($21.xx with tax) so I got a punch for every 4 quarts of the stuff I bought. Needless to say I have a wallet full of Auto Zone $20.00 gift cards.

That should take care of the maintenance needs on the Ranger and Rodeo for a while.

Life is good.
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