HTHS of 0w30?

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Jun 23, 2006
That could be an incorrect info. Yet there is no way to prove it wrong since Castrol doesn't publish its data. [I dont know]
Castrol also makes a 0w-30 Long Life oil in the UK with the lower HTHS. I think it's rating is A1 or A5, and the numbers probably got mixed up.
Ok, I can conclude from this that Castrol takes the prize in publishing the most confusing/deceptive specifications on their product. I can't believe how silly it is for an oil manufacturer to publish the specifications for compliance instead of the actual test results for their oil. And, even with that they have still been caught lying. You can't say in one line that it meets a spec that requires 3.5 HTHS and then further down they say it has a minimum of 2.9 (GF-4 spec). 'fess up and say what it really is!
Please forgive me if this is a frequently asked/discussed question here. I did a quick search and found that the standard answer is that since the oil is qualified to ACEA A3 then it must have a minimum HTHS of 3.5. If so how can this specification posted at the Canadian Castrol site make sense? It says it is ACEA A3, and lists an HTHS of 2.9? Canadian Castrol 0w30 Spec Sheet The reason I ask is that I posted a comparison of the 0w30 oils and was questioned on the accuracy of the 2.9 HTHS. See this link: 0w30 Comparison
A response from Castrol: "The information provided on the Canadian Castrol website is correct. The HT/HS Viscosity, cP min for Syntec 0w-30 is 2.9. Castrol Consumer Relations." I've learned not to believe anything Castrol Consumer Relations is saying. What a pathetic operation (PR part). [Thumbs Down!]
It is a true statement, it just's a nearly useless statement. They are just stating the minimum HTHS of every 0W-30 oil which is 2.9 cP. They are not stating the actual HTHS value is for GC. Castrol does this a lot with their product data sheets. I'm at least 4 foot tall. It's a true, useless statement!
Originally posted by Eddie: That is the main reason I don't buy castrol products. Deceptive marking is nothing more than, well you get my point.
Actually I like and buy the Castrol products. Even though I strongly dislike the PR office and its deceptive practices in publishing the product related info.
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