HTHS and other properties of BC 5W-40, anyone?

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Zoomzoom. I'm using the Belgium Castrol 5w40 in my BMW. In most countries (France, Denmark,Finland, South Africa), this oil is called a sythetic under the TXT Softec name. It may be a mixture of Grp.3 and Grp.5 basestock. I do know that if this oil was developed to reduce sludge and wear in sludge prone VW engines, just think how clean it will keep a normal engine. [Big Grin]
It does not meet the vw 503.01 spec and in Germany it is refered to as a hdrocracked oil. It should work great for 5-6k miles but will probably thin to a 30 weight anyway. GC is shear stable with no VII's and will last longer. This info is for the green GC, we don't know about the gold yet. [ August 12, 2005, 12:20 PM: Message edited by: glxpassat ]
this is the oil that I am talking about: Castrol Syntec 5w-40 - Specially formulated to meet the needs of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen - Offers full synthetic performance, engineered specifically to meet the Volkswagen engine warranty requirements, including testing in VW TDI® engines. API SL/SJ/CF ACEA: A3/B3/B4 VW 502.00, 505.00 MB 229.1, MB 229.3 Porsche Approved BMW LONGLIFE-98 ILSAC GF-3
Our friend Mola's singing an interesting tune Says BC comes from the Black Lagoon. Well I for sure don't know about that But keep this info under your hat. In any conditions, hot or cold This stuff is 'bout as good as Gold So if Made in Belgium is what you see You've got the brew known as BC
Originally posted by glxpassat: It does not meet the vw 503.01 spec
I do not recall any 5W40 oil that meets the 503.01 spec.
The only oils I've seen that meet VW 503.01 are GC and Mobil 0w-40. I guess my point in saying that was GC is a better oil for the same price.
hm so it is fairly close to diesel wonder why VW and AOA want to use it in their sludge prone 1.8T's. I was doing a TB and valve covers on my S4 in Audi dealership and we had to change the oil afterwards..and this was what they had. I had GC in there with bearly 1K on it [Frown] . I liked the way my S4 felt with GC...It is definetly more "slugish" with BC and my oil temps are around 225 with it compared to 205-210 with GC..but I will live with it until late fall when GC will go in again... I was toying with idea of trying to run Redline 5W-20 over the winter but I still have some concerns since this car is chipped and puts out 325HP over stock 250...I am also not sure how would my twin turbos react to 20wt viscosity?
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