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May 12, 2003
school me, as I am confused. I thought that the HT/HS had to do with some type of wear test, so the lower the number the better. But after reading posts after posts, I'm obviously wrong here. I've looked in the glossary and it doesn't explain this and I've looked other spots and can't find any information on this. I just need to read more on it. Could somebody point in the right direction on this whole HT/HS thing???? I'm getting confused as I thought M1 was some pretty good stuff but aurguments lately all lean towards the opposite based on their HT/HS results.
thanks in advance.

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The number given in the HT/HS spec is the vis of the oil at 150°C under heavy mechanical shear. Hence, you want an oil with a higher number, indicating that it has sheared LESS.

That being said, there was an SAE test done that showed as long as the HT/HS vis remained at 2.6 or higher there was no issue with excessive wear. Once the vis dropped below 2.6, however, bearing wear went up dramatically.

High speed, high load driving (like on the Autobahn in Germany) is where the higher HT/HS vis will afford that extra margin of safety.
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